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    More pro Angus statements.

    Sorry to hear this.
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    More pro Angus statements.

    Just for giggles I logged back in. Took me a while. Could not remember password. I think it's been 7 or so years. Still the same arguments over Angus cattle. If they are still here I say hello Doc and hello Dun.
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    3 Straws

    Is it worth using 3 straws? I had 45% conception this year as compaird to 60% last year. Same cows and same AI technician. Semen is getting high on some bulls. I wanted to use Crossover 14509685. Semen 60 and 40 dollar certs.
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    Valbazen and dung beattles???

    The lable on the product should say. IF not contact Pfizer.
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    de-wormer prices$$$

    Take an egg count befor and after the use of that generic and see if it really was worth it.
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    Electric fence

    My question is what is your favorite brand of charger? I find most are good but stay away from a Zeraba. They seem a little weak for the distance they are described to cover.
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    Priefert squeeze chute

    This is what I have. Really like it. IMO one can not have enough panels.
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    Longhorn-Angus cross

    Yes. That is what I called my polled longhorns. You can breed te horns off in one genration but the spots will always be there. These were some of the first cattle I ( did not want to) bred when my wife and I first got married. We soon whent Reg. Angus only. Profit soon followed. Sorry Bill.
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    Wehrmann Angus Sale

    Yes I am going to the sale. I now own the cow of Lot 177. Have bought one bull out of the sale. he was from a COOP herd.
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    ND Angus

    Have you ever had problems with being long to the point of breaking behind the shoulders. I have an 8180 daughter out of an EXT cow that does. About half of her calves are this way. Seem like they are so long they bend.
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    Wehrmann Angus Sale

    I have been to Wehrmann's sale once and IMO the sale with Donnell bulls are better. He brings some of his best to Texas.
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    New Cow

    14091730. Will get pictures when she comes home. Has an Precision 1023 bull calve at side and confirmed safe to Corona.
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    Evans Farms

    Sale is this Sat. at 1PM. Some preatty good cattle.
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    Cooking bacon

    Fork. Never cook bacon naked. :shock: