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    Left Ankle replacement

    I had a total left ankle replacement almost four years ago. Best thing I ever did. Mine was an "Inbone" It took almost a year for it to simmer down, but I don't even know it's there now. No pain and great range of motion. Do your PT
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    Wife got a little pet today

    My kids were given a miniature gelding some years ago. I made a surrey and took the horse to a trainer. He turned out to be a great little guy, and my four kids had loads of fun; We even took him to the county fair and gave rides. He would do anything for a small carrot.
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    bull meat

    I slaughtered a big grass fed 6 year old Charolais bull and had him ground up. The meat was great in spaghetti sauce and meat loaf. Couldn't form a hamburger without adding an egg or two. Very much on the lean side, to say the least. The flavor was fine though.
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    No Ethannol Gas

    Yes. We even have a club. But we never meet or even talk to each other because we hate each other so much. Yeah my procrastinator 's club has a similar problem. If we could just have that first meeting, but it keeps getting postponed.
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    Daily Joke

    A dung beetle walks into a bar, looks around and says "Is this stool taken"????
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    Daily Joke

    You're probably wondering why my left eye is partially closed. Well what happened was this: Last night as my wife was finishing the dinner dishes, I was standing behind her. All I said was, "Would you like to go out, girl?" Without even turning around my wife said, "Oh yes, I'd love to." We...
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    Daily Joke

    So one night my wife turned to me and asked, "Have you been listening to anything I've been saying?" I thought, Wow, that's an interesting way to start a conversation."
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    Sign man

    My mother who is now 93 grew up on a small dairy farm in Northern Vermont. I remember one day while driving past a rather aromatic farm, she exclaimed, "What a wonderful pile of manure !"
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    A Christmas Letter--a few years old.

    thank you
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    Well I did get to play bass drum for our 5 mile force marches in basic South full gear. :banana: ... l-platoon/
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    Nurses never LAUGH!

    EverReady :hide:
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    Stimulus package

    Sometime this year, we taxpayers will again receive another 'Economic Stimulus' payment. This is indeed a very exciting program, and I'll explain it by using a Q & A format: Q. What is an 'Economic Stimulus' payment ? A. It is money that the federal government will...
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    how bout an ugly tractor contest

    Great counterweight
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    so THIS explains it

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    farm tractor vs 18 wheeler

    We'll be praying.