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    iPhone or Blackberry

    Which do you prefer , do you care and what applications for the Beef Cattle Industry does each offer if any?
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    Dinner or Lunch

    Dinner and then Supper... Did you ever hear a Bible story about the last Dinner???
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    For Sale—One (1) Wife, slightly used, 1964 Model

    I have a '64 model now , got her last year and I wish I'd found her sooner. Did have a '56 model that I got back in '82 , she never did run right and spent most of her waking moments sitting idle...
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    A Cap Question

    I have never identified with you guy's more than I do right now.
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    I was just wondering...

    Mix your candy corn with salted peanuts and try that. It taste just like a Payday candy bar.
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    Another, Important Poll

    How about getting the Duramax fixed.
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    English lesson 101

    Born and raised right here in Texas and right now I'm not sure english is our states language anymore , I certainly dont hear it much in public anymore , especially not at Walmart , of course I only go there when something is on sell...
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    For all the hard core

    Baldies now , but would look at Beefmaster or Gerts..
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    sweet tea anyone?

    I'm good for a gallon a day going in but seems like a lot more coming out..
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    Yearling Pics

    I like the Heifer , The Bull , and the pen you have them in... Very Nice!
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    Opinions of cow (Pics)

    I'll take her , she has done pretty good eating the rocks you have her pastured in , but I am concerned about the cables coming out her rear... :D
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    remember eating on a very tight budget?

    Good ol Spam , fried in Crisco , and a whole lot of beans and cornbread.
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    New Yard and Garden Tractor

    Hate to see your weedeater!
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    Wife not real bashful huh? Very nice Bull , you can keep him here if you need to.