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    Cattle Resources (Mags/Books)

    pacific showcase the show circuit
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    "The Golden Child" anybody?

    he looks really nice to me!!
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    Baby Pics

    how old??
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    i cant untill next year :(
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    ya i bought it with my own money i pay to board it and everything
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    well wen they say u can use shade before u go and then change their mind wen u get back and also always telling you they dont want u in the group it kinda hurts i won my showmanship and they didnt even say good job but the other kid got 2nd and they praised him like a god
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    ya there morons and i will put up shade or talk to my principal and ya next year im dooing 4h and my advisors hav like the worst rep in county
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    cuz its not permanate
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    my ffa advisors make me courantine after every show i go to and they wont let me put up shade which is makin her loose hair wat should i do to get shade
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    what do u think

    ya she was only on grain for 2 weeks then and i wayed her yesterday and she weighted 750 and shes 11 months
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    well wat if they dont hav shade for ten days and i cant wet em down
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    New Steer

    whos the sire and were did u get him
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    what do u think

    ya its my first year and im not expecting wins at the big shows but hope to do well at our county fair
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    Shorthorn Steer

    i love shorthorns so i think i want to get one next year he is very good lookin
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    bw for 1st calf

    wat is EPD jw and how close is the BW# to reality