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    February Pictures

    Really nice photos of some darn nice cows! I''d add any of those to my herd! And I love the dark red too, not much fan of the 'mellow yellow' cattle, unless they have some Char in them...
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    So, Here's What We've Been Up To

    I think the canvas buildings aren't bad, if they are in a more protected area. I was quite surprised at what happened to ours, would have expected it to blow away. But for $6000 it was worth a try. We have built 2 calf shelters and are planning to build some panels for me to travel to horse...
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    Weighing calves

    Within 24 hours usually. When we tag, band and process them, which is done with the cow watching from the other side of the barn gate. Safer that way. And our cows are all quiet and used to being handled, but better safe than sorry.
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    I think that it will save big time on fences and trees. We will see, but they really like it!
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    Thanks, actually, it's not that cold here. Was up around 50 this afternoon. It's been unusually warm here, getting above freezing almost every day. We've only had about 5 really cold days all winter. Nothing growing here yet, but the lilacs are budding and the Canadian Geese are back...
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    Jed is right, we bought it. Although we only paid about $100 for it, we got it at a farm auction.
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    So, Here's What We've Been Up To

    Planning to add photos of that when we're done.
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    Took some photos the other day. Trying to catch up for my records (I like to have a photo, sometimes my mind forgets who they are, lol) Daughter's 4H steer Red Angus heifer we bought last fall. We needed a few more to breed Shorthorn for Replacement heifers. Red Angus Heifers we raised...
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    Acceptable Loss Rate Heifers Calving

    IMO, I would expect a 2% death loss, and be pretty happy with anything under 5%. I also find it difficult to believe that an 86 lb calf would be big enough to cause the cow an injury bad enough for her to die(or be put down). We have heifers (and no they are not Exotic or exotic cross) that...
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    So, Here's What We've Been Up To

    Last fall, we decided it was time to add another barn to the property. As we will calve out around 450 head (about half are custom cattle) our 32x56' barn just doesn't have the space we would like. When you're getting between 15 and 20 calves a day, and you get a couple of nasty weather days it...
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    Fall calving heifers 1st year, then move to spring calving?

    I wish more seedstock guys would be tougher on their cows! We breed our heifers to calve right when they are 24-25 months old. Calving season is a little longer this year, maybe 70 days rather than 55... Culled out 2 heifers that were dry last fall out of 15. 205 day weights ranged from 494 lbs...
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    what do quality cattle look like?

    Here's some of what I consider our best cows, as in they raise a good to great calf every 365 days or so. Raised DD's 4H steer for this year DD's first calf heifer, raise a 700 lb calf AND bred back in the first cycle 10 years old in the picture, bred back for the first cycle. I think the...
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    Cow Breeding Back After Pulling Backwards Calf

    Usually, they will Breed back just fine. And most likely won't have a breech calf again, although the odd cow will repeat. I'm wit Dun on this get a foster calf on her, at least you will recoup a little bit of her feed bill. I would expect her health to be just fine, not knowing how hard...
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    Best ear tag for staying in?

    Y-Tex are pretty good, it's what we use in all the cows. We rarely have to replace one.
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    Question abput implants

    You're welcome, and Thank You!