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    Thank you all :tiphat: Took the leap last fall to try to scratch out a living ranching full time. Havent had as much time to post but try to keep up with all threads.
  2. RanchMan90

    CT Roll-Call

    Still here :wave:
  3. RanchMan90

    New Venture Ideas

    Education is the best investment I can think of. This is a good start http://olsonranchllc.com/ . Cheaper than trial and error, will still be some of that though.
  4. RanchMan90

    Replacement heifer nutrition

    Selling them
  5. RanchMan90

    Replacement heifer nutrition

    What percentage of body weight of 16% ration + free choice hay would you feed replacement heifers this winter to balance good weight gains and peak maternal performance?
  6. RanchMan90

    BED PI testing

    I do. Would only test if you test them all and plan to weed them out. Had several positives with no symptoms but infect to whole woodpile.
  7. RanchMan90

    Bad or good idea buying few light Breds or heavies

    The sell buy profit looks good on that trade and very small price spread on feeders. Slower rate of return
  8. RanchMan90

    Auto catch squeeze chute

    What squeeze chute has the best auto catch head gate?
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    What works for prevention and treatment of mycoplasma?
  10. RanchMan90

    liver flukes

    Been losing too many calves and some look to be drying up. Trying to make sure I'm not missing anything. Had a bunch of small snails wash ashore a main water source. I'm in southeast Oklahoma just north of the river. I buy cattle out of Arkansas and e Texas too.
  11. RanchMan90

    liver flukes

    Anyone have experience with liver flukes? How do I troubleshoot them?
  12. RanchMan90

    What I'm seeing today

    worked a few yesterday
  13. RanchMan90

    water lane

    How wide does a water lane need to be leading up to a pond for 100 or so head?
  14. RanchMan90

    Million Dollar Question - Prices

    Is this what the futures market is for? :hide: