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    Getting water from pond

    That's actually a profound advice, Logar. Thank you, I'll try that too :)
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    Christmas Toy Ideas

    Lol I would love to get that chainsaw for Christmas
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    New Relationship

    I have to agree with you on this... The circumstances must always be taken into consideration. That's what I got after reading ReGain.
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    New Relationship

    Is it okay to enter into a new relationship with another person after a failed marriage? How long do you usually wait before one can get involved with someone after a divorce? Just want to know your thoughts on this..
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    I'll gather some photos and information. I'll share it here!
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    2way and 3waycross explained.

    Wow! This is really interesting. Thanks for sharing this!
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    Side stepping the Dealers

    Well, it's a good thing that you had it repaired all by yourself. This is just amazing!
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    Now this post got me thinking... Maybe it's time to shift our beverages!
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    Mountain to city

    Thanks for the response, but I need to stay here for a while to take care of my brother. Yes, Jltrent there is a park here but not close to my brother's house. Do you think I should try this
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    Mountain to city

    We are staying here in the city for a while and I am not used to noisy cars and crowded people. I am frustrated and refuses to go out. What should I do?
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    Work stress

    Can you give me some insights on how to manage work stress?
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    I need a new washing machine

    I have Samsung and still serving me good.
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    Inappropriate dress

    I also noticed it.
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    Just for fun , Greybeard

    Where do you get those?
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    Like Button

    I liked your post and have no problem.