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  1. Rafter S

    Poly hay ring any good?

    I delivered a couple rolls to a neighbor yesterday who had just bought some. The light weight and no rusting has me considering trying one.
  2. Rafter S

    For all you Brimmer Pimps

    I have some Brahman influence in most of my cattle, but some day I want one of those speckled ones with the ears hanging down past their nose.
  3. Rafter S

    KT Oslin, '80s Lady' dies of covid.................

    Most of us did at that age, probably including you.
  4. Rafter S

    I've about given up on my county

    Congratulations on getting that done. I'm fortunate in that here in Grimes county the minimum is 10 acres, and exceptions are allowed.
  5. Rafter S

    Favorite quotes

    "On the days when I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations, well, I have really good days." Ray Wylie Hubbard
  6. Rafter S

    Too Mineral or not...

    If foot rot is a problem in your area it's a good idea to feed salt with iodine in it along with the mineral.
  7. Rafter S

    If you had to pick one breed that wasnt angus or hereford??

    If it's just for fun then pick something that your wife will think looks pretty. Maybe Longhorns, or Shorthorns if you can find some roans.
  8. Rafter S

    what are you listening to right now

    I'm also a fan of his. One of my favorite lines is from his song Mother Blues: "On the days I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations, well, I have really good days."
  9. Rafter S

    first time to sell at auction

    I agree that he's a nice-looking calf. I don't know about southern Oklahoma where @pdubdo is, but here in my area almost all calves sell as singles, so if it's the same there it won't matter.
  10. Rafter S

    Pouring Concrete Tips

    I'm just now seeing this, and when I saw your first line: "Anyone have any good advice on pouring concrete solo." I was going to say "Don't", but I see you got it done. That looks good. This reminds me of a story one of my former co-workers told me. At one time he had a job driving a mixer...
  11. Rafter S

    Vote for or against

    How are you going to accomplish that? If comparable quality products could be made here for the same cost as overseas no one would have them made overseas. It wouldn't make sense economically.
  12. Rafter S

    Wean at 3 months?

    Hello Colleen, I'd take the calf to the auction barn at the first opportunity. I've been pulling calves off of first-time heifers for years at no more than 90 days old. Also, you didn't ask, but why do you usually wean at 6 months? A mature cow should be able to nurse a calf for at least 8...
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    I ran across this earlier this morning and thought of this thread.
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    I've been known to sit if I don't want to turn on the light in the bathroom.
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    I commend your bravery on opening up to us like this. I know it took a lot of courage.