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    Fescue Genetic Test

    BFE: I checked with the county extension agent: deer and cattle won't crossbreed. So that option is out.
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    Fescue Genetic Test

    See below.
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    Spraying hay field

    Why can't Texas A&M come up with a genetically modified cow that enjoys eating weeds and weesatch? If we can land a man on the moon we can surely do that. That's just common sense.
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    Gender Affirmation Surgical Services!

    Johns Hopkins University Medical School pioneered "gender affirming" surgeries in the 1960s. They eventually banned the practice because the outcomes were so awful. It did not help the patient and resulted in harming them for life. I am surprised that the school has reversed course again to...
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    Sussex cattle?

    Hey Andybob: You may not be the only Zimbabwean. I lived in Zimbabwe for 2.5 years (81--83), and when I made a trip "Down South" (i.e. South Africa), I was sometimes referred to by the Slopies as a "Rhodesian,"-- which I took as a compliment. I also learned that the South African students...
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    When I worked on a geophysical crew, we worked from about an hour before sunrise, until dark & only got a day off if it rained too much to work in the field. When ever one of the crew killed a snake, a fellow in our crew named Sammy, insisted on running over to the snake, turning it on it's...
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    Which breed of cattle will increase in popularity fastest

    No. There are no Jetson's in my family tree.
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    Which breed of cattle will increase in popularity fastest

    "Predictions," as Yogi Berra once said, "are always difficult--especially when they are about the future." Bearing that in mind, I predict that in the next 20--30 years the beef industry as we know it will disappear. As science gets more adept at growing cells in a test-tube, the time will...
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    need help selecting a horse breed

    You are jumping way ahead of yourself in worrying about which breed of horse to buy. In fact, you don't ride a breed of horse, you ride a single horse. If you find a sound, and sane, and well mannered thoroughbred, what do you care if most TB's are hot and difficult? If you buy a Percheron...