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  1. plbcattle

    Did the paid ads go away too

    Is there a place on here to put a paid ad for herd sellout? selling only 40 head but looking for the paid ad section and can't seem to find it. thanks
  2. plbcattle

    advice on where this post needs to go

    can i list all the stuff on 1 listing. i will pay to have it a premium ad. I was just trying to save from listing each thing separately. I have lots of stuff for sale.
  3. plbcattle

    advice on where this post needs to go

    ok, thanks.
  4. plbcattle

    advice on where this post needs to go

    I have an offer I can't refuse to buy my property where my cattle are. Having been in the Brangus business for the last 14 years, The money made in this business is from appreciation of the land. I have my best 45-50 Et, Ai, donors and herd cows for sale. Also gooseneck trailers, preifert s04...
  5. plbcattle

    Camp Cooley / In / out ?

    fool me once shame on you, fool me two or three times, shame on me. They had a couple dispersals then there last one was a complete and total dispersal. Now there having a production sale, are you kidding me. That is a slap in the face to anyone who goes. Either you held cattle back in the first...
  6. plbcattle

    Rate these Cattle

    i just saw this and i wouldnt take the first set for free if your building a herd. Those cattle lost out a lot during growing and development stages. Would take a long time to get them in shape if they ever got that way. You did good on the 2nd set. Welcome to the brangus world. If i can help at...
  7. plbcattle

    Any horned hereford breeders i need a bull

    I am looking for a horned hereford bull to cover my commercial herd and my recips. I would like a Et or AI sired bull ready to go to work now. LBW epd.s with growth and milk. Big spread if possible. I am in conway arkansas. The closer the better. You can pm me or email me at [email protected]
  8. plbcattle

    Can Breeding Stock be too tame?

    It hasnt been done by choice or design but I can walk through my herd, bull pen or cows and rub just about every one of them. There is someone in those cattle every day. We dont use horses, dogs, or herd them at all. i can walk all 150 or so mommas anywhere I need them to go but only 1 time a...
  9. plbcattle

    Creep feeding

    depends on what your target market is. If there going to sale barn or feedlot I would say no. If there registered and you plan on them going to be a repalcment female or Bull on test, I think you need to. If you are selling registered animals all your competition is craming every pound of gain...
  10. plbcattle

    investment project, what are your cost per cow

    I am working on an investment project. I will explain after I compile some data. What are your cost per year. Not wanting others to argue cost or how some do it or dont. I just want to know what your annual cost per cow is to keep. After I get some data I will post my experiment. Thanks
  11. plbcattle

    Stop in to say Hi if you are close by

    If in Arkansas stop by Lewis Livestock sale and say Hi. I have 8 bulls at todays Lewis Livestock 2nd bull sale. The first was cancelled or most couldnt attend due to icy conditions. They will have bulls and some select females selling. If anyone is in the area stop in and say hi. Jon Bevans...
  12. plbcattle

    deer i killed in Illinois

    a 12 point I killed in illinois during there 3 day shotgun hunt
  13. plbcattle

    Camp cooley

    I had not heard this. Why if someone bought your herd or outfit, would you go through the cost of having a final dispersal. If someone bought the ranch, wouldnt they already own the cattle. Why then create expense to sell them. I guess a dispersal doesnt really mean dispersal.
  14. plbcattle

    herd Dispersals

    With all the Herd dispersals lately and some long time ranches deciding to quit raising cattle, i wonder if they are smarter than the rest of us and see something we dont. i could be looking at this in the wrong way but just seems like more of them than usual this year. Any others notice this...
  15. plbcattle

    Anybody still use estradiol protocols

    Has anyone here had similar results from using estradiol. I am saying that i might know someone who uses it(not me of course) but they have been getting unbelivable results on Ai, Et transfers, and recips in heat. I am not on here to debate wether the drug should be legal or not legal for cows...