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    Liquid feed

    I am down to ten head. My neighbor is going to put out 3/4 of a bag of cubes twice daily. Luckily I bought 40 bags when they were $10.25 a bag. I paid . 15 1/2 cents per pound for liquid feed. I will probably cull a little more when I return.
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    Liquid feed

    otha , cotton seed cubes are good but I am going to be gone for two weeks. Going to our cabin in the mountain where it is cooler and raining
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    Liquid feed

    How much are you paying per ton of liquid feed. I am going to need to supplement the feed for my cattle. My pastures are burning up but about 18 inches to 24 inches tall. Mostly coastal with some Bahia grass mixed in to it. I culled hard in December and January due to health.
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    leased my place

    Sold most of my cattle and leased my place to a young man. Wife wants to travel this year, so booked a river cruise. I am 70+ and she is a few years younger. i am not to excited about a three month cruise but she deserves it. Still looking for a place in Idaho or Oregon to give to one of my...
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    New grandson !

    Congratulations to your family.
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    Notre Dame

    I took a quick trip this weekend to South Bend Indiana to watch Notre Dame play Navy. My dad attended the Naval Academy. I wanted to go to Notre Dame but Uncle Sam had other plans for me. It is a beautiful campus. Lots of dark beer and friendly people.
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    Hydraulic pump

    Well I hope all of us learned a lesson or trick.
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    Hydraulic pump

    Got my Kubota M 4900 tractor back today. It was a simple air lock. They removed the Fel and drove it for 15 minutesu, no success. Next they took the line off top of pump.They cranked it till fluid flowed. That fixed it.
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    Hydraulic pump

    I will definitely let the forum know what was found. I was in the process of rebuilding my pond dam so I need to get it fixed and back on the farm. I checked on the problem on google and it seems like a known problem. lots of people just kept running their machines and it finally primed. my fel...
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    More solar farm

    My inlaws are buried in rosebud. yeah they are full blood czechs.Try greens meat market in Zabcikville. pretty good food. I used to buy all my blue jeans and dress shirts in Lott at the fair. Family owns lots of land but raise cotton on the black land.
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    Hydraulic pump

    It is a 2006 Kubota M 4900 4 wd. I ran it for probably a total of thirty minutes but couldn't drive it the fel was down. I havee changed the filters without all the fluid , but thought it was probably time to change everything. Probably a $1000.00 mistake.
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    Texas A&M

    Hey TB, congrats to the Aggies. That was an epic win. They are rolling again this week. Yeah I am jealous. Flying up to southbend next week to watch Notre Dame. Stay safe and in good health. Oh and I miss your wisdom on the Cattle Boards.
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    Hydraulic pump

    Changed oil and filters , then decided to change hydraulic fluid. 11 gallons of kubota fluid 2 filters $330.00. Yikes so i drained all the fluid ,put on new filters , pretty easy. Cranked it back up, and no hydraulics. Figgered an air block, ran it for few minutes no luck. Broke a few lines , no...
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    Drought Hay Pricing ?

    As Greybeard said too much rain here. I literally have had rain every week. I cannot get into some field to cut it.