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    Tree Question

    You don't want to cut flush with the trunk, but a couple of inches off (outside the growth ring). One thing that I've been trying on damaged trees (broken limbs and deer scrapping) I read from an article on fruit trees is to take one part fresh manure with one part clay/ hard dirt and mix with...
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    Black Herefords

    "You are not catching flack for pushing a Hereford at all." Just a clarification, as my statement about "catching flak" wasn't very precise. I didn't mean to imply that the flak was coming from persons on the board. I really appreciate the responses.
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    Black Herefords

    I don't have any experience with Brangus. At one time we did have a black bull which looked to have some Brahman in him, but truthfully he wasn't a good one. We used to have all Herefords but then gradually switched towards Black Angus. My primary concern is calving-ease, especially as these...
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    Black Herefords

    I'm looking at bringing a Black Hereford bull into a small herd of young Black Angus crosses. I want to get more baldies for the market and some Hereford into replacement cows. These cows are all young, from heifers to 2 & 3rd calf cows, Black Angus crosses (Black Angus - Limousin - and some...