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    Cattle Tags

    z tags we get pre numbered
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    Weed eater?

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    451 New Holland sickle

    Take a look at the large bolt in the frame near the rear u-joint with the wedge shaped pillow block beneath the nut
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    Fly Tag Recommendation -

    My best results lately have been with Rubs at the salt box ( forced to use) or spraying.I know spraying is a problem for some but you get to see the cattle up close that way.
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    Hay String

    Frost Mora Model 511
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    New Holland 853 baler

    PLEASE do not get the bright idea totake the connecting link out and let the chain go.They are very heavy and very dangerous.
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    New Boots

    Yeah,decided to work on fence on the steep ground in a new pair of logger boots once.Not my finest hour.
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    1957 vs 2010!

    Come a long way ain't we? No wonder some of the kids are messed up. So thankful more aren't
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    Fence Renovating

    Looks good. Wrong place but looks good.
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    So how was your Monday?

    I would be happy if that happened to me right now
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    So how was your Monday?

    Grandma always said there was somebody who was worse off than you.She was right.
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    What is Triangle 9 exactly?

    A killed virus vaccine for prevention of IBR BVD& PI3 +5 way Lepto.Safe to use ,just follow directions.Be sure to give the second dose as it says.One dose doesn't protect,trust me.
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    Need a math wizard - how many gallons?

    1 cu ft is 12X12X12 or 144X12 or 1,728 cu in.
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    Fence wire

    !4 gauge Class I galvanized wire-easy to work,rusts 12.5 gauge HT Class III- Hard to work ,takes a long time to rust,stronger
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    Happy Birthday Angus Cowman

    "Happy Birthday to you" :tiphat: