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    Oooooh, I HATE bulls

    We have not had problems with bulls staying in the fence. In fact, they have been the easiest ones for us. The worst offenders are the calves. They will go through hot wire or barbed wire.
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    The Bubble Has Burst

    Thank you for all of your kind words. The good news is, this is the best crop of calves we have ever had. I guess it is better to go out on a somewhat positive note. I am not completely giving up the dream, maybe just regrouping. I love cows and nothing will change that.
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    The Bubble Has Burst

    A wise man told me once that chasing a dream was often more fun than living the dream. Well, we chased a dream for 35 years or more and I'll have to say that dreaming was more fun than reality. Due to droughts, high fertilizer costs, lower calf prices, high hay prices and probably mistakes made...
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    Finally seriously thinking about getting a dog

    My personal preference is a Rat Terrier (large type). They are extremely intelligent, very loyal, trainable and protective. As with any breed of dog there is the downside. They are head strong and very territorial. For a good companion dog and a mouser, they are hard to beat but I've never had...
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    Fencing for Calves

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    Fencing for Calves

    Hey Mike C. I could believe what you said about CharX calves if we had not had the same problem with Angus calves. The only thing is that the CharXs are so much bigger at the same age than our Angus calves, I thought they would be too big to get through 3 hot lines and a ground line but I am...
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    An now for a funny calf moment

    If that had been my story, I would have finally got the calf to the gate and my dogs would be standing at the gate nipping its nose and driving it to distraction. Herd dogs they aren't. I enjoyed your story. :lol2:
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    Fencing for Calves

    We have a 3 strand electric fence with a 4th strand as a ground wire that will not hold calves. These calves average 450 - 500 pounds. The fence will hold bulls and cows but the calves walk through it at will. Is there an electric fence that will hold calves? Thanks for any help.
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    If you could....

    If I knew what I know now when I was 20 I would never have made 21. Just kidding.
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    Got my bull :)

    I like the length and thickness. He looks good to me. Good luck with him.
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    For What It's Worth

    Thanks to all of you for the nice responses. Wewild, I think I accept the advice today about the same as I did at first. The difference is my skin has grown thicker and I'm not shocked when the advice doesn't come wrapped in honey.
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    Doc Visit

    Well after reading all these posts, I'm so depressed I think I'll go to bed. Maybe I'm looking at this all wrong on second thought. I should be happy that I can still get around pretty good. Sorry for all the pain you guys have. It is depressing to go to the sale barn and see all those old...
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    For What It's Worth

    This may not be the proper place for this post but it does have to do with beginners. Today I was looking over our farm records from past years and was reminded of an old saying: "God takes care of fools and drunks." We aren't drunks. When we started out in 2000, we were not completely strangers...
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    I wanna quit!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those kind of things are hard to take. You have my sympathy. Even though we know it happens when you deal with livestock, it doesn't make it any easier when it does happen. I hope things get better real soon.
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    Large Shoulders

    Two cows calved today. The first one was a SimmentalxBrangus cow having her second calf. She was bred to a Charolais bull. I had almost decided that she was not going to calve this season. She didn't look very big and she was showing no signs of bagging up and her vulva did look very loose. Last...