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    The jury is still out

    On whether or not I returned home yesterday with my sanity intact, or at least as intact as when I left Monday to go stay in the city. I started a psych meltdown the second I fastened the seatbelt in my friend's truck. I can't believe people really occuppy places like Austin. You dang sure...
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    Getting old

    You know that once you become a Grandpa you are eligible for membership in The Crotchity Old Men's Society.Z
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    I'm sorry it has taken so long

    Hope you're not going to be here this weekend. It's already a madhouse from what I've heard. No way will I get within 5 miles of Luling during Thump.Z
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    I'm sorry it has taken so long

    to get back on and say Thank You to the people that have helped us at this time. Without that help this would not be possible. The gas alone to get to Austin and back is about $30.00 a day. That's five days a week. Hopefully the ACS is going to find a place for me to stay during the week...
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    Your theme song here

    I guess mine would have to be Ramblin' Man My wife says hers is definately What You Going to do With a Cowboy.Z
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    Cuero 5-25-07

    Market Report MAY 25, 2007 receipts of 779 head of livestock.. Many of the calves offered this week were #2 and lower grades. Most of the brackets were lower. Packer cows and bulls were about $2 lower. Packer bulls: Hvy. wts. 62.50-67.50 lower...
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    Why they can't stop the fires ... a little perspective

    I packed supplies into half a dozen fires in Az and Colo. I have heard people talk about firestorms but have never even seen a picture of one. The fires we had out therre were never anything like what's happening in the south right now.Z
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    Quiz to make ya THINK!

    22 out of 25.Z
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    Not selling any guns yet but

    This thing is trianglular about 1 1/4" to a side and all buried under the skin. Yea... It's for the Chemo and I guess anything else they decide to pump in me.Z
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    When do you throw in the towel?

    We had to make the decision several months ago. Sold off all the mares and the yearlings and two year olds and shut it down.Z
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    Cattle Safety

    I know that a lot of people don't want to hear this but a good saddle horse is cheaper to keep then a funeral.Z
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    Not selling any guns yet but

    I just realized and checked and sure nuff this porta-cath sits right next to the pocket in my shoulder for a gun butt. I open to suggestions of how to work around it.Z
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    Reoccurring Thief How to Catch him?

    P.I.G.= Pride, integraty, Guts The next time you need help call a thief.Z