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    Third Testicle

    I know this is kind of funny, but my niece has a holstein 4-H dairy beef that we castrated a month and a half ago. We cut them and physically has two testicles on the ground. He has healed up and it now feels as though there is another testicle in there. No swelling or sores or pain. Ironic...
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    Price of feeder cattle

    I am selling some feeders this weekend (private treaty). I live in Eastern Pa and have a mix of steers and heifers that wll be sold. They will probably average between 700-800 lbs. I sold to same person last year, same weights for $.90. That will obviously increase this year. I have seen...
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    Aborted fetus

    I am looking for possible reasons for an aborted fetus. I had a cow that dumped a probably six month fetus this morning and am completely astonished as to why. Nothing changed in the herds diet. I know things like this happen but it still bothers me.
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    Calf with scours

    Have a week old angus bull calf, developed scours yesterday, gave him 2 qts of resorb electrolytes seperated from mom overnight, this am gave a qt of resorb and turned him back in with mom. Now he is lethargic, breathing is labored, and he is running a temp. Vet is called. Question is, Do any...
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    Put calf down this morning

    Had an early X mas present from one of my older cows yesterday. Problem was the calf was born with it's hind legs knuckled under, have had others in the past with front legs knuckled under but never rear. Calf had difficult time standing and every time I got it up to nurse, momma would lick...
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    Surgical castration

    Just cut all of my bull calves and noticed one this am that had swelling all the way up through his penis. Called vet and he said give him penicillin. Never had thisnhappen like this before. Any thoughts or comments appreciated.
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    Weak calves

    I use Triangle 9 vaccine. I am pointing the finger in the direction of two dairy beef calves I bought a few weeks ago. They were not bought at a sale barn, but they both had issues soon after they were brought home.
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    Weak calves

    Update. Calf is up on it's own and nursing by itself. I guess a bit of patience and extended time doctoring do go a long way. Made my otherwise dreary week quite bright.
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    Weak calves

    Vet came out yesterday and said it was probably white muscle disease. He gave it a shot if selenium and two others to treat secondary illnesses. Tube fed calf every 4-5 hours alternating electrolytes/milk replacer. If it shows no sign of improvement in the next twenty four hours, I will put...
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    Weak calves

    The last two calves born on our place have gotten off to excellent starts and within a week they were down. The first had scours real bad and had trouble walking. The hind legs just wouldn't work and it would fall over. That calf is fine now after some vet treatment for pneumonia and scours...
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    another birthing disaster

    I have a six year old cow that had the same problem with her first calf and she has had a calf every year since. Only problem is her tail is slightly bent from all the twisting we did on it to get her up. The fact that she was that way for a day or two doesn't bode tooo well. We took care of...
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    Natural weaning

    Everything is fine with the calf and I put him back with his momma last night as she started bawling for him. He ran to her and started drinking immediately. My wife said their was a calf that snuck through the fence into a clover and grass field and I think he overate that night.
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    Natural weaning

    I had a calf born in early April. Yesterday he was seperated by himself from the rest of the herd. I brought him in because I thought he was sick. He was placed ina a pen with some bottle calves I have and started eating grain and hay with them. He didn't fuss at all nor did his Momma...
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    Scouring calf

    5 weeks.
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    Scouring calf

    Have a holstein bottle baby on milk replacer. I changed to the cheaper milk replacer (Purina all milk to Purina soy based) and all of a sudden he has the runs like crazy. Other calves are fine. Been giving electrolytes in between feedings. He has a good appetite and eats starter. He is...