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    Ham curing question

    I believe that souse and head cheese are the same thing. I have been looking at recipes on line, looks like all the souse recipes all go through the same process but are seasoned differently. I am looking for any advice or suggestions before hog killing time.
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    Ham curing question

    Do you ever make souse?
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    Give me a freaking break Virginia

    You all are right about Governor Lee, our gun laws, available jobs and all the folks moving in. The flip side is that we are afraid that all these migrants are going to bring some of the things that they are trying to move away from with them and ruin our way of life! They are also driving real...
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    changing directions Kinda?

    I have really good luck with either grass or grain finished. I usually sell nonbreeder heifers as grass fed and off colored steers as grain feds. Seems like all of my customers are more concerned with how we handle the cattle, whether or not they have been implanted or treated with any...
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    Which excuse do you like best?

    I am sure that things are different in different parts of the country, but in my part of Middle TN the vast majority of the cow/calf operations are just a bunch of pets. Some folks here have coon hounds, others have cows and they are tickled to take what ever they get for their calves because...
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    Linear Measurement

    Thanks for your input.
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    Linear Measurement

    Has anyone tried the system the Gerald Fry, Jan Bosma and a few others have used over the years called linear measurement? If so I am curious as to whether the traits that they measure pass on from one generation to the next. I have read a few of the books written on the subject and really like...
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    Bill Gates owns the most farm land

    He must be seeing opportunities that the rest of us have missed!
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    Ham curing question

    Have you ever tried burning the hair off with a rosebud on a propane torch?
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    Bacon anyone?

    First it was the sows, next is the cows.
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    The loss of the family owned farm

    There was a reason (or were many reasons ) that the Founding Fathers specifically banned income/inheritance taxes. But the infinite wisdom of our modern politicians just seems to want to redistribute any wealth that we manage to gain, notice that I didn't use the word accumulate, they won't let...
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    Ham curing question

    I probably should be sending you pm's, but there may be other folks that benefit from our discussion here. Do you scald or skin your hogs? I am looking for ideas for my own scalding vat. I really want to be able to move it around with pallet forks and be big enough for a 600 pound sausage sow if...
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    Ham curing question

    I finally got around to showing this thread to my boys. the are 13 & 16 and want you to adopt them. They say that they are used to working for food and your looks better than mine! Seriously, I really appreciate all of your advice and I may have more questions later on. We have our first gilt...