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    Lost 3 to blackleg

    I used to think that cows that had been properly vaccinated as calves were good for life. But... I've seen cows with good calfhood vaccination histories die with classic blackleg lesions ... and almost all were in an estrus synch program. Seen enough of them, that we started boostering adult...
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    Lost 3 to blackleg

    It's everywhere. If you've never had a case... your time is coming, eventually. Typically, we see it worst here (I live in the same county as Bigfoot) when it gets hot and dry, but heavy rains and temporary inundations may also increase exposure due to coating forages with silt/soil. I...
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    Goats and sheep are not small cows. Worms - particularly Haemonchus contortus, the barberpole worm - can and will kill small ruminants, and they do it very handily. Every day. Other than liver flukes (which I've seen exactly one case of, as I've never lived/practiced in an area where they are...
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    simmental cow killers

    Exactly... it comes down to making appropriate choices. First Simmental influence we introduced into our herd(in south AL) was a halfblood Simbrah bull we bought in 1983 to go over mixed AngusXHereford cross cattle... calving ease was as good as any Angus bull we'd had, but the calves were head...
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    Just think of the $$$ some of the folks on here would save if they weren't deworming every. cow. in. the. herd... twice a year... for virtually no gain... while at the same time speeding the population of worms on the place toward resistance to all classes of dewormers! You could buy more/better...
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    simmental cow killers

    That pedigree brings back memories... He'd be a halfblood Fleckvieh - son of that great old full-Fleck bull ABR Sir Arnold G809, that was a 5-trait leader in his day (CED, BW, WW, YW, CEM). Double shot of Signal on the bottom side - MGS and MGGS through Alpine Polled Proto, with Parisien (ASA...
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    simmental cow killers

    If the tank is properly maintained, and the straws handled correctly...theoretically those straws are good... almost forever. Agree with SBMF... I'd bet that at least some of it would draw some interest - and $$ from someone.
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    Hay season 2021

    Cut & baled 9 acres wheat/rye/ryegrass3 wks ago and 70 acres fescue/orchardgrass 2 weeks back. The grass was thinner than we only made about 2 roll/acre
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    Pay no attention to this post

    Farmer Shell, I'm an Eastwood fan, but Bronco Billy was pretty bad... and for that matter, the Any Which Way series were not worth watching a second time, if I remember them correctly.
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    simmental cow killers

    That's painting with a broad brush, and not necessarily truthful. While some older sires might well classify as 'cow-killers', there are some from the 'early days' that would still be very useful today - especially if folks weren't hung up on the all-black hide deal. First full-Fleck bull I...
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    I'm in the fight against Global (de)Worming. Quit deworming healthy adult cows. Period. Other than an occasional first-calf heifer that looked thin while nursing her first calf, I didn't deworm an adult cow in our herd in the last 15 years. After about 2-2.5 yrs of age, most cattle will have...
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    3rd Eyelid...? (Nictating Membrane).

    Squamous cell carcinoma (cancer eye) often gets its start on the nictitating membrane.
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    White Privilege

    Good young friend up the hill runs a logging & sawmill operation. It's still dangerous business. About 2 months ago, his partner had a tree fall on and and bugger up his foot & ankle... Henry had to cut the tree off of him. The next day, Henry was limbing up a tree he'd felled... limb under...
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    Swollen navel

    Have you seen him urinate? With what you've described, I'd be concerned about urethral blockage/rupture.
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    Low/no maintenance cattle

    Had one client with a herd like that back in Southern Middle TN, back in the early 1980s... pretty sure he'd not introduced any new genetics in decades... herd was mostly Angus with noticeable Jersey influence. Pretty little black, polled, dish-faced cows with really nice udders. A huge cow...