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    A half a roll of barbed wire

    Save some of them 'almost done' rolls when you're building new. Pick them up at the land fill. Buy 'em from the scrappers. Or get 'em from a fencer. I loaned out my wire roller, they wanted to make a whole roll into a bunch of little ones for 'bear hair snares'---dna testing for grizzly...
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    Electric branding irons

    Lotsa brands in Montana. Registration says what counties they run in, where at for horses and cattle (location on animal) Simple short ones like I mentioned are hard to get. BUT--a few yrs ago, they changed brands to expiring on the same 10yr and raised fees. Lots were dropped. And they...
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    Electric branding irons

    It looks nicely done on the animal. But--almost a 'hair brand'--I like them 'buckskin' colored for best brands. The closed lower lazy p--the leg on that 'R'--that whole area can give your trouble by 'blotching' to me, the brand is too 'busy' and too 'congested'--and also kinda complicated...
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    What does your wife drive?

    D7 mod 7m is early 40's. 74 450 sl 84 380 sl. sorry--didn't see this.
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    Liquid feed... Anybody ever

    one of the main ones feeds it that way---I don't like the idea on acct of crap or urine, they say it ai'nt much problem.
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    negotiating a new vehicle

    Saw ambulance with ford diesel @ the dealers, getting a new motor--at owners expense. Oil had been changed by the miles, maybe 30,000---but hour meter showed about 3 or 4 x as much running time, co said abuse, oil changes way to seldom.
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    would you buy it?

    Hell, if you were here, I'd sell you a proven reg black bull by the # plus a couple hundred bucks. You could use him a couple yrs, and if market comes back, it'd be free. I know exactly where he's been and that he's clean---you want to be very careful about that. your bull is half your herd...
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    Electric branding irons

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    fence tips and tricks

    "I can't vouch for those timber posts here Ron but our Ironbark bark is probably the gold standard but I have Stringybark on my place and I find if I put a cap of that bitumen aluminium damp course material on it the lifespan is just so much greater as the water penetrates the cracks and they...
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    Dodge clutch

    "The G56's dual mass flywheel is troublesome," Really?! I have 94 1/2 powerstroke with about 245,000 on it, hydrabed, pretty decent shape. Clutch went out and that was first time I heard of 'dual mass'---cost me about 600 bucks to eliminate that cluster of crap---I had no idea anybody was...
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    calves coming backwards

    ps---and abnormally 'slippery' spring also seems to increase problums....
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    calves coming backwards

    Posterior is a 'normal' presentation--up to maybe 5%. Breech is considered abnormal. We now calve 'out'---cows are not jammed up or crowded. We unroll bales, lotsa room. I maybe have assisted one out of the last 400. I think we used to lock 'em up and assist---and we were 'assisting' in the...
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    Protein Tubs

    what is their bcs and which way is it headed? Between calf, placenta, fluids, etc---heifer can drop 200#. I'd go by condition--hair is a great indicator--and stools. Cheaper to gradually build condition. I feed bovatec with my mineral. Lotsa my hay/grass is not that high in protein, gets...
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    Black Baldy Question

    Just not that maternal, not productive for the size cow we were maintaining.
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    Black Baldy Question

    " I think those three beef breeds are the least related to start with" it's a great 3 way cross---but hardly the least related. angus/Hereford from british isles--think first cousins. charolais from the continent---think second cousins. Africa, india cattle---think 3rd cousins but unless...