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    What to look for when buying Cow/Calf pairs?

    iowafarmer, Come on in an crash the party. (Not to crash your little party Longhorn ranch but do know how many longhorns are in oregon let alone any other state besides warm southern ones.) Lets see, I just counted 88 TLBAA longhorn breeders in your state Iowa for 2007. Oregon has 39 TLBAA...
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    What to look for when buying Cow/Calf pairs?

    Angie, you just caught me poking fun at the longhorn breeders on the board.
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    What to look for when buying Cow/Calf pairs?

    Well now you're talk. You don't want to get cattle until you have the facilities to doctor them. What you need to do is ease into it. What you need is low maintenance cattle. Get some longhorns or longhorn crosses start with some steers, then some longhorn/cross cows. Buy some tame ones to...
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    What to look for when buying Cow/Calf pairs?

    Where are you located? You need to get a mentor asap! Do you have facilities to handle cattle? If you don't........ don't even think about buying cattle.
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    Cow value

    (she is somewhat tamed and gental) She better be with that fence! :D
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    My fertilizer cost

    Cube feeders My father-in-law has two of the trailer tow behind. Lucky %&^%$#@^&*! :D
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    Texas Longhorn show animals

    WR has seman and eggs going back decades. Just in case the herd is destroyed by sickness.
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    lawn grass clippings?? anyway to keep it??

    The problem with lawn clippings is DRYING. It's cut so fine it's hard to dry and store.
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    pearl milliet

    dcara, CB is in deep east (south) Texas. I don't think they are in a drought.
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    Hay dilemma...

    If you bale it PM me. I will buy some of it! I wish I had your problems! (wink)
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    Fat as a pig?

    I wish my cows looked like that coming out of winter.
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    Ancient cattle

    They say Dun and Dirt were born on the same day! ;-)
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    hay question

    Small bales of horse hay was $22 per bale last week at the feed store. No I wasn't buying.... I was just asking!
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    If you are paying for the lease (land) buying the seed and fertilizer. Depending on hay prices it might be cheaper to pay someone a set price to seed the fields and apply the fertilizer. Then pay or do a 50/50 split for cutting and baling. Call the feed store, get some names of people that do...
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    Is it his land? How much is the land lease? Any idea of how many bales would be produced? Round bales? Square Bales? What kind of grass?