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    Will you , won't you ??????

    I know there's tons of info out there on it, and I ain't getting the shot for sure, but I received this.....something worth pondering. :) _________________________________________________________________________________ No one should take the swine flu vaccine. It is one of the most dangerous...
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    Fall in Oklahoma~

    Thanks ya'll! :) how cool lotsa friends in the Tulsa area. ummm, well, kinda. I've done a wedding, some senior pics ect...but love best photographing stuff around the farm--my cows and the like. :D oh, Auburn ag~~go right ahead.....
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    Fall in Oklahoma~

    Thanks! Sorry for you guys that don't have any color :( cool you got to travel through here in the fall--it sure is pretty ain't it! ;-)
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    Fall in Oklahoma~

    Thanks ya'll! Hey kerley, you used to live here? TexasBred--yep, we got the red dirt alright! I didn't know about the red dirt soap, just knew you could get clothes dyed red from the dirt ;-) That's cool though. Red're right, we don't have the tall hills & trees like you guys have...
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    Fall in Oklahoma~

    I ran around our place a few days ago snapping these pics.....fall in Oklahoma is truly gorgeous! :D enjoy~ :) right down below this fence on the other side of it is the road we live on....ya can't see it tho :) you can see a little bit of one of the ponds in this one... our old dirt...
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    My boys

    Oh my word, they are *SO* cute! :)
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    Express Ranch

    Man do you ever want to go to one of their sales! The whole ranch is pretty cool. :nod:
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    High speed internet in the boonies

    We have it...and yeah, it is $60/month, but I can't say I like it that much. Seems its more often that we don't have a signal then when we do, and when you don't have a good signal it goes deathly slow, like right now. :) But that might depend more on you're location, I guess we're so far out we...
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    Just a few pics

    I actually didn't know how to do it till he showed me--we put it on a tripod and set the shutter speed REALLY slow, where the shutter would stay open for a long time, like 15-20 seconds sometimes. Really cool how it worked! And it was really pretty simple. You might have to adjust the aperture...
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    Just a few pics

    Hey, cool pics...and I like the lightening shot! I was just playing around the other day with a friend taking lightening shots, pretty amazing what you can get. :D
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    Here's a black 'un for you guys

    I like him! :D
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    Neighbor Bull difficulties...question

    okay, thanks. One more thing though, this just happened Sunday, she was in standing heat then--if I'm remembering correctly, don't you need to wait 10 days before you give her the shot?
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    Neighbor Bull difficulties...question

    Nope, she wasn't. It was too late to breed her, I like em to calve in early spring, so I've just waited till now to breed her.
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    Neighbor Bull difficulties...question

    So, the neighbors bull came over twice in a week and possibly bred my best cow and one other cow. My bull is out there but I don't want to take any chance of having this neighbor bull sire any calves...lets just say he's NOT a bull I'd ever want to breed my cows too. I'm thinking I'll probablly...
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    Advice On Picking a Limousin Bull

    Isn't that right!!!!!! :D :D :banana: Gotta love Lim-Flex!