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    Weaned Raindance heifer

    Nice calf
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    She did it again..

    Salers. Amazing how one cow can sour you towards a whole breed. She and a few other difficult cows actually came with this farm when we purchased it. Told the old man that he'd left a few and he said good luck with them. That's been around 12 years ago and she's the last of those original...
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    She did it again..

    Just like all her calves, last one to get weaned and looking for a fight.
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    Stupid heifer

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    This girl is catching up. Had her 4th set in a row last week. She had a single bull calf for her first and then has had all heifer calf twins since. She has raised them all to weaning, too!
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    Steer Calves Video

    Well done! They look awesome
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    Show your calf pictures.

    14 year old cow. Considered selling her when I weaned her last calf in May. Glad I kept her another year.
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    My new "herd"

    Reminded me of when I first got started and had my bull pulled to synch the cows. Called the neighbor and complained that his bull had gotten in and was breeding my cows.. he listened to my gripes and then said, "well, your welcome". 😆
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    Need to moderate frame

    Connealy Consensus 7229
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    Random Pics from Oct 1

    There wouldn't be a "maybe" for me with that heifer calf. She's a dandy
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    Cost of Using a Maternal Bull ?

    With Angus I suppose you could use sires with low MH, MW, and positive $E values.. AND high WW, YW, and RADG values... this is all assuming you put any trust in EPDs.. I'm often very skeptical.
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    Cost of Using a Maternal Bull ?

    I'd suggest splitting the difference and using an all around balanced bull that you could retain feminine heifers from and will also sire good steers. Unless you're considering some entire breeds, like continental, as terminal(?).
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    Show your calf pictures.

    Top 3 are 1st timers. Always nice to get them out of the way.
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    HPF Optimizer

    That's a shame. Every calf I saw out of him looked really nice.
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    Show your calf pictures.

    Agreed. Hard to beat. They raise good thick calves