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    Which hay ring?

    I have some of the black poly rings that are 8 years old. All stainless bolts etc.. the bull tried but cant destroy them
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    College debt..... really really smart people..

    I went back to school 6 years ago.. cost me 15k for a 2 year degree that I completed in a year and a half. All while working full time. I refuse to send my kids to school for a degree that will land them a job making 30k a year. We need welders fitters operators etc. Plenty of money to be made.
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    I killed a 32 inch axis about 5 years ago with a 204 ruger. 08 should be plenty of gun . They are bigger than texas whitetail. To me it's better meat than whitetail . If I have a choice I'll shoot an axis everytime.
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    Too Heck with Cows

    Flounder and crappie is about the only fish I'll eat.
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    Too Heck with Cows

    A few flounder from last week.
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    Thanks everyone
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    So long, for now

    That sounds like a great trip. I'm not sure I could handle sitting still on a plane for that long but I'd love to go fishing in Hawaii.
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    Anyone Turkey Hunt Here

    I've shot them with my bow while hunting axis in SW Texas but I've never targeted them. I shoot a Berretta al 390 dove and duck hunting. I have a 835 but it shoots about a foot left so it stays in the closet.
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    how to make more money on 300 acres

    Depending on what part of Texas and what kind of deer / exotics you have . A day lease for bow hunting brings in a pile of money . I hunt on several places around Hondo and they stay booked year round. If you want to lease it for a year lease I'm looking for somewhere to lease for my kids and I...
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    just some thoughts

    I'm sorry for your loss GB. We spend a lot of time on bolivar and Galveston during the summer. I've ridden the stokes Jr many times. But I won't ride it again without thinking of you and your brother . God bless..
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    Sheet Metal Nibbler Saw

    I actually bought the shears first . About a month ago the wife and I were at harbor freight and I saw the nibbler. So i bought it . Makita is probably a lot better tool I have a couple . ... 61737.html
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    H.R. 5087

    I won't be around to spend any money if the start confiscating guns .
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    Sheet Metal Nibbler Saw

    Shears are a pain in the butt for cutting r panel . Harbor freight has a nibbler like the one on the drill but it's not an attachment . It works much better. Shears are Good for flat metal. I have both .
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    H.R. 5087

    I hope you are joking.
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    Got me a little worried.

    Yet there are several historical wars that have been fought by guerilla fighters that pretty much defeated the world's greatest army. Vietnam desert storm isis . Sure didn't kick the crap out of any of those. Not to mention it wouldn't take long for the government's forces to go awol after...