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    SMH always bs

    I was for sure you'd finally tore that new tractor up but nope, just found some trash you promised yourself a long time ago that you'd get cleaned up.
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    Pocket Knife Poll

    Gerber Auto. Really enjoy the auto open and holds an edge quite well.
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    Looking for a 29-35hp tractor

    Post later on today when you've got something torn up on it already ;)
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    Driving fence posts today

    Between $4-4.5 a piece here right now. I assume about the same everywhere down here south of the border.
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    Hay season 2021

    Thinking I'm going to try and cut tomorrow mid-day and bale on Saturday.
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    Hay season 2021

    We're just 60-80 miles northeast of you up the interstate. If it wasn't storming like crazy right now I'd lay it down tomorrow and take my chances baling on Sunday.
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    Hay season 2021

    Hasn't stopped raining here long enough to do anything yet. Red clover just bloomed a few days ago. Fescue has headed out but still green. Still got another week or so of a window before quality becomes a real problem. That said, rain doesn't look like it's going anywhere for another week or ten...
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    Relief checks for families.......

    I don't see anything wrong with this. Matter of fact, I think it's a step in the right direction.
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    Alfalfa fall seeded?

    I've considered trying alfalfa on a dedicated plot, but haven't been able to really visualize the gains over the clover & grass mix. Interested to see how yours pans out. I planted quite a bit of cold grazer rye on new ground last August and we didn't have much rain at all until October. Seems...
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    Proper use of a grapple

    I've watched Neil's videos from Messick's for years. Always have enjoyed them.
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    Relief checks for families.......

    It works itself out after a while. I'd rather get it over with. Never was much good at waiting for some things.
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    Optimal time to let a carcass hang

    Shouldn't be any blood left in the carcass after hanging. You sure it wasn't hemoglobin?
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    The loss of the family owned farm
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    The loss of the family owned farm

    Yup - family owned businesses and farms are exempt from capital gains tax under the new proposed plan if the heirs continue to run it.