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    Hey all !

    Well my job is just about over with at the fruit stand. It was long and way to hot this year. I see have alot of reading to catch up on. Hope this finds you all well. We have sold most of our herd . I have around 30 head left. And seriously thinking of selling them off too. No rain and hay is...
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    The tests are in ....

    Well, I don't know that's what we are told what's wrong. See it doesn't make since because we have all their minerals plus out. I have been in the office when clients come in. They are having the same problems we are. I know it's not worms or liver flukes,they have been tested and treated. We...
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    The tests are in ....

    As you all know we have a alot of problems this year with cows dying. Well,had alot of tests run and it came back. Not enough magnesium. Even though we have extra mag out not counting lick tubs,salt , mineral blocks and loose minerals. We are not the only ones having this problem this year. A...
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    I will have to agree with what everyone else has said already. If a person is a real friend to you. You don't have to ask for help. They just show up and help. No matter what. My biggest problem is I trust everyone that comes along. Rick has a big problem with that. I know things are...
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    My Day Yesterday

    First of all, Happy Belated Birthday. Glad your dog is going to be ok. I don't know why cows do that. The least little thing sets them off. Especially when their surroundings are familiar. We stand there and fuss at them. What is your problem. Who knows maybe they thought the dog was going to...
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    My sad story.

    I hate hearing that. Sometimes things just don't work out. As far as starting over you can do it. I don't know if I could have given up all of my cows though. That would be the worst thing for me. I could survive without the old man. It would be alot less work on me. No cooking ,washing his...
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    sale barn

    That doesn't sound all that bad bigbull. We don't cut all of our bull calves. Like you there is not that much diffence in the price. It makes things alot easier for the feedlots. Since they don't want to pay all that much for them. Let them do it.
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    Oh my gosh ,I am in shock. I couldn't live up ya'lls way. I like to look at snow ,but that's it. I know listening to the news tonight. It is suppose to real windy here and severe thunder storms. Stay warm and safe and I'm glad to hear your animals made it .
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    Deformed and blind calf

    I agree I wouldn't worry about using your bull. This is just a freak of nature. Did you take any pictures of the calf ? If you can try to post a couple. Have you called you vet ? Ask if there is a reason he/she can give for this happening.
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    Deformed and blind calf

    Rusty did you check the roof of the calves mouth ? I was first thinking maybe cleft palate. It causes the protusion of the lower jaw. I also found this picture of a cyclops. Notice the lower jaw of this animal. Kind of sounds like yours.
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    Strange,but Cool

    I got these in an email today. Photoshop pictures,I think they are pretty cool.
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    Seriously considering thoes good deals.

    Aw ,sorry to hear that. But sometimes those great deals are worthless. It is probably best to ship her. I know a couple of years ago we had a heifer . She had a real hard labor and delivered a 126 lb bull calf. She stayed down about 3 days,before she got up.She wouldn't touch that calf for...
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    Deformed calf

    Yes it is ,so I have read. I have never seen a calf like that. But I did find a couple of pictures.
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    Prayers Needed

    I am so sorry. I'll keep you,your dad and family in my prayers.
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    Deformed calf

    Sorry for your loss Novaman. I don't know something like that would freak me out. The condition is called Achondroplasic (bulldog calf). It's a gene that causes this.