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    Oh ,thats great. How did you teach him to do that ? Love the pic's.
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    Vote for my daughter please

    Beautiful young lady. Already voted and I hope she wins.
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    Duuuude, I was only jokin..........

    :D :D :D :D
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    Let me show off my Grandbaby

    oh ,how sweet. I know you're tickled pink.
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    The masked cow

    Thanks for the pictures. I really like her mask .It's so cool . What breed of cow is she ? I like the barn too. Well,I like your dog also. Nice pictures.
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    Apple Butter

    Several years ago, I started a jelly & jam business. Did it for a good while. The name was Wild Bush Jelly's and more. I made wild grape, mesquite bean, big red,cactus,mango,jalapeno,tomato ,ect.ect. My best selling was apple butter,rootbeer,coke cola. I dedcided if there was a juice for...
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    dead calf weid

    Sorry, for your loss bigbull. I read this last night and still could not think of what cause it. I'm leaning more to what fourstates thinks. It would seem to me if there was no blood. The eye came out, was removed or what ever after it was dead. This is a very strange case.
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    Same to you Chrisy. We are all ready for the little treaters tonight.
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    Porter Wagoner

    Yes it was sad,and that was 27 yrs ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. That little boy was shot by a 14 yr old next door neighbor boy. They say it was accident.
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    Cow Size

    As far as, my beefmasters go,I have all colors and sizes.The majority of our cows weigh between 1200-1600 lbs. I do have several that weigh over 2000 lbs. I keep all of my heifers out of the heaviest cows. Most of the time they do not weigh as much as the cows. But they have a good frame and...
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    Black is Back

    I was thinking back when I was a kid. This man had a big ol black brahma bull. He had no angus anything. The mama to this bull was white. The bull was a dark gray. So was or is there black hided brahmas. I also remember some of the brahmas being black with a red center.
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    Not eating is not good.

    I haven't had one done. But I have friends that have. Will be thinking about ya. Hope all is well.
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    Porter Wagoner

    I remember that movie. It was filmed in Halletsville Tx. back in 1981. We lived in Yoakum,then. Our youngest son was in DeTar hospital for 31 days. There was alittle 6 yr old boy across the hall from us that was shot in the chest with a shot gun. Burt came by the hospital to see the little boy...
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    Natural weaning

    This is true most of the time. We had a brahma cross cow kick off her bull calf at 2 months old. Not sure of the reason,but it was not lack of milk. The cow didn't get to stay long enough to ask her why. I know when we went thru the drought the cows did not have enough milk to feed their...
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    Got a question

    Crowder,for real you don't drink any of that wonderful moonshine from Tenn. ? That is the smoothest moonshine I have ever tasted.