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    Soring a horse....

    I understand! I'm in the heart of QH country and the old cowboys just can't get past the narrow chest and no a** on my TW!! There are a couple of ranches over in MT that raise and train only TW on their cattle ranches and they raise some pretty nice horses. And cows too! I just know everyone...
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    What to do with this colt?

    I see these posts were from a few months ago. How is this colt doing? Any news on him?
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    Soring a horse....

    I've heard of lots of people that use TWH for cows...but I'm sure there's nothing like a QH for that job-it's what they've been bred for! I ride my TWH on the trails and there's nothing more comfortable and no horse that can get you down the trail quicker, for sure! It's especially nice since...
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    Soring a horse....

    cford-you said it-I will NEVER go back to any other breed after having TWH. My horses are barefoot, sound and just as comfortable and naturally gaited as a person could ask for. They are people loving horses and willing to do anything. One of my horses is used by my daughter to game and she...
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    What to do with this colt?

    Back to the feeding question about this colt...I would feed him the grain for mares and weanlings. It's got the extra calories he needs to help put weight on. You could also give him a feed that is formulated for senior horses. They are usually complete feeds that will really help put weight...
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    Raw Milk ?

    Here in North Idaho, we can't sell raw milk but we can sell whatever kind of milk we want as long as it is for "pets only". Most people who buy figure their kids are a bunch of 'rug-rats' anyway :lol2:
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    Calf Pics

    Gorgeous calves!!! I have 2 Holsteins that I am bottle feeding right now and can't imagine what it's like to feed and care for as many as you have! You sure have a nice set up. I look forward every year to getting my 2 little steers and can't sleep the night before and am all giddy when I go...
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    home remedy for thrush

    Bleach mixed in water 4 to 1 I believe was what we used way back when. 2x a day soak the foot in it.
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    Worming donkeys...

    You use whatever you would use on horses for donkeys. I'm not sure the pour on ivermec would be the way to go. Better to use paste wormer for the donks.
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    You break a donkey like you break a horse. They are a little smarter in good and bad ways! They usually don't give you much trouble-they just tend to out-think you. Age 2 is good for ground manners and harness work but better if they are closer to 3 for under saddle or packing. Have fun-I...
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    Spring Riding

    Must be nice-we'll have to wait a little over here-calling for record lows down around 0 tonight. Had 6 inches of new snow spring really coming?!
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    Family Affair

    I am really jealous!!! 70's, riding in shirtsleeves and beautiful grandbabies to boot! We just got 6 inches of snow and it's supposed to be around 0 tonight...looks like riding will have to wait a day or 2 for me!
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    couple new babies

    I like the one with white on his head...looks like someone spilled paint on him!
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    Nutrition and muscle mass

    My daughters have a friend who is on track for vet school...sounds like she has a lot to look forward to! :banana: Bet you can't wait to get home and work some cows on that big sorrel of yours! Organic chemistry in real life! Your post was good-I will certainly change the way I feed my mommas!
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    Goats are definately good brush eaters but they do need shelter as they are weenies when it comes to any kind of weather. They really don't like getting their feet wet but food is generally more important to them! I agree that a Boer cross is good because they are tougher and have more...