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    selling brand

    There was an ad in the shopper for a brand for sale. $4,000. How can you ask that much to transfer a brand? I have one I haven't used for 6 years. Cost $50 every 5 years to renew. Thinking I can make big $. Anyone explain this?
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    SD has a trich law. to sell or lease a used bull he must be tested 3 times, and atleast 7 days between test. they sent the test to SD state university.
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    calf with smelly butt

    when the elderly lady called, her first words were, the calf smells. i really don't know what smell a calf is supposed to have, so she says not the whole calf, justs its little bottom. so after i finished laughing, i told her it's not supposed to smell like roses. she said you could smell it...
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    Update on Cripto. ?

    sorry to hear you are having this problem. best you can do is keep them hydrated. it's one of those things that need to "run its course", and lasts 7-10 days. i just wanted to remind you to wash your hands well. in the past few years there have been two gals that got it from around here, and...
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    calf with smelly butt

    the neighbor got a bottle calf from us a couple weeks ago. the calf is 3 weeks old, and a very aggressive eater. she called this evening and said the calf has a real smelly manure. it is getting its 2 bottles of milk, and 3 to 4 quarts of water. 2 cups of calf starter pellets, and a little...
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    Names= do you liike them

    the gal I am winter bulls for gives them a first name by the letter year ( '06=S, '07 =T, etc), cow's middle name, and sire's last name. I have here Sargent Elba by Design. sired by genetics by design bull, out of Lady Elba cow. and I have Serious Lady Freedom. Serious for '06, out of Lady...
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    $$$ milk replacer $$$

    dee, the elevator by you has milk protien replacer for $71, it did go up from $62. The stuff you get at the co op in town is merrick's and it is always higer.
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    there aren't as many around me as there were a few years ago. we have "honey hole's" where people put their honey in jars, and have a shed by the road, you stop and get honey and put your money in a box, on the honor system.
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    frozen ears

    had to share...the Mrs. stopped at Dee's this am. she has rented a huge heater and has 7 pair in the shed, some with duct tape and some with baby socks on the ers. she said the masking tape wasn't sticking. out in the yard, the Mrs. sees 2 calves wearing bra's! One pink, and one black.
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    Angus bull to add frame

    any suggestions on a LBW angus bull that will add a frame to breed my heifers to?
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    San Antonio, TX sale barns

    missed the tues. sale in TX. Oklahoma city today, very thin cows and calves. somebody said 12,000+ head today, with the breds selling tomorrow. Sale may go late into the night tonite. seems like the majority are very thin, and a few that look like they are hay bellied. not much inbetween...
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    another post to have fun with

    at a feed meeting last night, everyone had to stand up and tell a few "little known" facts about themselves. it was actually quite fun. I will start it. I could eat baked potatoes every day I own 28 white t-shirts (the wife counted them saturday) if my clothes come out of the dryer inside...
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    San Antonio, TX sale barns

    I am going to be in San Antonio on mon. and tues. and wondering if there were any sale barns in the area I should check out? thanks in advance.
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    I need a miracle

    can you put another calf in with him. competition at feed time sure seems to help for us.
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    Uses for old tires?

    we have 3 large ones bolted together to go "turn bustin'" with, as the neighbor gal calls it, in the pasture. I saw a guy bury big ones as a sort of wind break in a feed lot. we also put feed pans in them so the pans don't tip over. but otherwise mostly mosquito breeding.