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  1. jka300

    What is the last " stunt" one of your cows pulled?

    When I was smaller there was a heifer that we bottle feed. So after awhile she became a pet. We decided to keep her for a yearling, so she was so happy with us that she would actually give us hugs. She would jump up with her front legs cross them on our shoulders like a hug and put all her...
  2. jka300

    Checking transmission oil in a IH 966

    I'll take a look tomorrow. I dont remember seeing one but the carpet might be hiding it.
  3. jka300

    Got a steal!

    I know what you mean. I think my dad the same way. this year he would start doing a job like seeding, spraying, cutting hay. Right before a job is done here gets me to finish it and thats when the break down happens. Keeps telling me I'm bad luck but I'm starting to think I just gullible. When...
  4. jka300

    Checking transmission oil in a IH 966

    I went to move my uncles IH966 yesterday but ran into abit of a puzzling problem. I can't find the dipstick for checking transmission oil. I would just drive it without checking but it leaks hydraulic oil and has been sitting for 2 months. So possibility of it being low or out is very high. I...
  5. jka300

    IH 1086 question

    Sorry for the long delayed response. I did some more research and turns out that my 1086 used to be fitted with flow adjusters but for some reason they were taken out (valve and all) and replaced with a valve system without the controls. Thanks for your help
  6. jka300

    IH 1086 question

    We just bought a IH 1086 from my great uncle. Passed away last month, rip. I was wondering if there was a way to adjust the speed of the hydraulics? we are using it on our square bale elevator that we modified to run on a hydraulic motor. Any input would be much appreciated.
  7. jka300

    JD 2320 sp Swather

    Hi, we just purchased a John Deere 2320 sp 15 ft swather. I was just wondering about something, is there a guage for the header to tell how high you are cutting? I tried looking it up on the internet, in the manual but came up with nothing. If someone could help, it would be much appreciated...
  8. jka300

    Beline 1816 applicator question

    I was wondering if anyone owns a beline 1816 seed applicator? We went to a JD dealer today to look at a used beline 1816 seeder that mounts on a cultivator, the salesman told us that all the peices were there but it was missing (I think ) 2 motors that drive the rollers and also the wiring...
  9. jka300

    Buying a brand new valmar

    ya I tried, there is only one listed and it isn't what I was looking at. Thanks for your help though.
  10. jka300

    Buying a brand new valmar

    I was wondering if someone could help me out. I was wondering how much a brand new 1665 valmar is going for now. We are looking at one that is used so we just want to know if the owner is taking us for a ride or not. I would find out the new price but there isn't any dealers around us and try...
  11. jka300

    Building Farm Toys

    Thanks for your help. I think it is more of a a teach yourself hobby.
  12. jka300

    Building Farm Toys

    If you could, it would be much appreciated.
  13. jka300

    Will you , won't you ??????

    I'm going to get it. So far this year is been bad enough without getting that darn flu. I found out what it feels like to get a shock from my pacemaker/defibrillator for no reason at all. (not fun to have 840 volts going off about 17 times) Had surgery, stayed in the hospital for a week. And to...
  14. jka300

    Best fishing story

    Wish we had snakes like that around here! :lol: All we got are nasty little beavers that swim up the the hook as you reel it in and bite it off the line. Lost half of my tackle because of them. :mad:
  15. jka300


    I dressed up as tweety bird that went on a rampage. Took out my hunting wear and my paint ball gun and wore a tweety mask. Boy did I get some comments, all which were good by the way!