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  1. ironpeddler

    5410 Rebel Vermeer

    The Over the edge Net wrap is made for JD by Tama. http://www.ambraco.com/BaleNetwrap/TamaNet_EdegToEdgeWithTamaTech_Netwrap.php The Vermeer Rebel 5410 & 5420 is designed to use every net wrap currently on the market. Over the edge works fine in any of the 5410 balers.
  2. ironpeddler

    Stoltzfus 10-bale trailer

    They are great and well made. Just be careful when you have a fully loaded trailer, your pulling van will weigh much less than than what is pulling and on a hill you will have problems stopping it.
  3. ironpeddler

    Vermeer 504m classic hay baler

    The only true 0% deal on a Vermeer is through Kubota credit. The Vermeer deal is a dealer buy down with a cash rebate you will be losing. Go to Farm Credit and get a loan and pay cash is the safest way to go.
  4. ironpeddler

    Low H.P. Round Baler?

    You can look for a Vermeer 504F or G. They will be priced in the $2,500-4,000 range for a good one. You could look at any of the closed throat models like a JD410 or Vermeer 504C but you are dealing with balers that must be adjusted top dead center and if they break a major part you junk them...
  5. ironpeddler

    Vermeer 504M Classic Baler

    The 5410 Rebel and 504M Classic share the same platform. The main difference is in the pickup and the belt tightening system. If I was wanting net wrap I'd get the 504M Classic. The 504M Classic is setup to bale silage and has 7" wide belt where the Rebel has 6" wide belts. If you are looking at...
  6. ironpeddler

    Haybine,Disc or Sickle

    You will not be using a hay bine in thick hay at night. Once the dew falls you have to go to the house. You need to look a drum mower or a disc mower. They will mow hay in any conditions. First you need to match the mower to your size tractor. Tractor weight is just as important as PTO HP...
  7. ironpeddler

    Buying a new baler JD or New Holland

    I think you better look again at a Vermeer baler. Since the late 1970's all Vermeer balers have used the lower drum design that supports the weight of the bale. It is true that a Hesston/AGCO & JD do use a vertical bale chamber that the belts do support the majority of the bale weight.
  8. ironpeddler

    NH5920, Kuhn SR110, Tonutti Raptor4G

    The Vermeer VR1022 is made in the USA and sells considerably less than $7,900 in the $5,500 range or less. http://www2.vermeer.com/vermeer/NA/en/N/equipment/rakes/vr1022
  9. ironpeddler

    5410 Rebel Vermeer

    We sell the 1200 nm clutches, 885 ft. lbs because many of our customers are baling haylage with their Rebel balers. NEVER grease the Radial Pin clutches. Greasing these clutches will cause them to fail. The 5400 Rebel is a tough baler weighing in at 3900+ Lbs and the 5410 Rebel weighs 4700 Lbs...
  10. ironpeddler

    Reese drum mower.

    CCM sells the same as the PZ 165 drum mower and they also have a larger model 190 that mows 6'2".
  11. ironpeddler

    Disc mower cover??

    Make sure if you order a Kuhn GMD600 cover order state your model because the GMD66 takes a different cover.
  12. ironpeddler

    Gehl Co. May Face Bankruptcy

    http://www.lesspub.com:80/cgi-bin/site.pl?332&ceNews_newsID=6978 Under pressure from its bankers, Gehl Co. must either forge new loan terms or face possible bankruptcy, its new French owner has said. After the West Bend construction equipment maker violated conditions of its loan agreement...
  13. ironpeddler

    more questions -mowers

    A CCM drum mower does not lift with hydraulics, it turns around back for transport. The mower rests on the ground and will not add any extra weight to one side of the tractor. We have sold these drum mower since 1980 and have sold thousands of them. All of the ground in East TN is hillside...
  14. ironpeddler

    more questions -mowers

    Pull-type mowers are not any safer than 3 point mounted disc and drum mowers. In fact the insurance statistics show that 3 point mounted mowers cutting off to the side are safer for the operator than pull-type mowers. This is because the tire blocks most of the direct path of objects from the...
  15. ironpeddler

    Anybody using a Haymaxx disc mower?

    The HayMAXX or Hay MAGNUM both marketing lables are made by CCM in TN. Our design is not new we took the Lely Optimo and updated it like the current Vermeer 30/40 seried design. Most of out parts are interchangable with the Lely?Vermeer mowers. We increased the disc thickness and got rid of all...