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    Can a feedlot make any money at these prices?

    They aren't making money actually feeding the cattle. The big guys are making it on the board. Know their costs to the penny when everything aligns on the board to make money they lock everything in from feed costs to purchase and sell price. Lots of ways to look at it depending on who you're...
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    ??? Elec. Fencer Recommendation ???

    I would like to try one from this company since they look pretty good. Have had Zabera, they are fairly good. here is the link
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    Anyone have Hogs ?

    You have to put hog rings in their noses to keep them from tearing it up so bad.
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    Help identifying weed...

    Yellow Nutsedge
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    Is it just me, or...?

    She acts the same way every day. Can't be talking about that cute little gal riding the horse cause I have yet to meet a female that acts the same way every day. No offense ladies.
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    I have twitter. I am also on the younger end of the members in my mid twenties. I use it sometimes but if I'm busy I don't get on there or Facebook much. I keep up with college friends and some ag companies and such that way. I also follow some comedians in case they have a good joke on there or...
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    Bradford County Florida Sex Offender Signs

    I completely agree highgrit. The bad ones should be strung up and hanged. Rope is cheaper than paying for them to live in prison the rest of their life. Too bad its "inhumane" even though they aren't really human if they do that kind of shiit.
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    Bradford County Florida Sex Offender Signs

    Yeah, my dad's agronomist that lives right up the road is on the sex offenders list. Him being on the list is due to plain being an idiot in highschool and thinking a video camera in the girls locker room was a good idea till he got caught. He is a nice guy, in his 30's, I think he still is kind...
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    Pasture Hydrant

    All of our hydrants are in cement curbs with removable lids. Our water lines have to be below the frost line though so they are most likely deeper than yours. It is nice having the removable lid that way you can climb down in there and shut the water line off to the hydrant in the winter or...
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    Spend money on fertilizer or weed killer first?

    Kill weeds then fertilize. Weeds take mositure and nutrients. It does depend how bad your weed problem is though.
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    where am I?

    Haha I saw this the other day about walmart and got a chuckle out of it. I could see several members on here doing some of the items on this list. This is why women should not take men shopping against their will. After I retired, my wife insisted that I accompany her on her trips to...
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    1 Cow $3,000 - $3,500

    I completely agree with you Jo.
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    I'm going organic

    Jo be sure to teach him the difference between weeds and the plants in the garden beofre you turn him loose with a hoe in a garden!! Might come back to find no garden left or else all the weeds left and plants gone. Apparently I do not live close enough to a large city full of idiots to get free...
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    1 Cow $3,000 - $3,500

    Better tell him that the price just went up Jo and maybe recomend he buys a hog with that beef also.
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    Hay prices in your area

    Here ya go. ALFALFA-18 SIZE LBS $/TON CUT 3x3 19860 355.00 3x3 25680 310.00 3rd 3x3 47680 300.00 3x3 55700 295.00 1st 3x3 46110 290.00 3rd 3x4 49920 290.00 1st 3x3 47100 285.00 3x3 45900 275.00 2nd lgrd 17240 310.00 2nd lgrd 19980 310.00 2nd lgrd 28760 300.00 4th...