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    Where Was Your Toothpaste Made?

    Bez- after reading many of your posts... Would you please come to American and run for President in 2008?
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    Where Was Your Toothpaste Made?

    Boy am I glad I use an all natural toothpaste made in America.... and without those chemicals.
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    wow wow wow

    I am proud of EVERY American, British, Austrailian (any other countries involved in the war) soldier and am very thankful. On the other hand, if I've said this once I've said it a thousand times: You can support the TROOPS without supporting the WAR.
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    Hereford Heifer, Bull?

    I am not that big a fan of the 242 bull, but MANY others are. So bulls I would suggest: NS LAKES KILO 002, NJW 1Y WRANGLER 19D, THM Sleep Easy 3060 Those have low to decent birth weights. They also have a very nice package for the show ring. The best advice you could use: She's a heifer will...
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    Udder Scoring

    Just my thoughts. Im not the next Star Lake Cattle Ranch so my standards could be a little down, but they work for me.
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    Hereford Heifer, Bull?

    What are your plans- goals? What is she like? More detail is needed than what your provided. Maybe a picture can help. What do you want... another show calf? a performance animal? How long do you intend to keep her?
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    bought a reg beefmaster cow

    If I remeber right he said it was his first Beefmaster. I would not expect him to go out and buy a $5,000 cow that was AI'd to the National Champion. I'd expect him to get some decent cows and build on that.
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    Star Lake Sale

    There's a reason they do. Great cattle- they never cease to amaze me with their cattle.
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    new baby

    I dont know about home reciepes, but they should probably get some colostrum (if they have some frozen) and then regular milk replacer.
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    Agreed. Then afterwards go get a red calf with a white face that knows how to behave. ;-)
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    halter breaking videos & DVDs

    Here is the Steerplanet link. Some others ... ining.html *Page 3 has halter breaking guide-Also some helpful...
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    halter breaking videos & DVDs

    Honestly you dont need to spend what 20-60 dollars on a video. There are plenty of sites that are devoted to beginners. had a page about halter breaking with Red or something. Check that out. Also another idea is start touching them NOW! even if you dont have a halter get yours...
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    Bull of the Woods II

    Those cattle should be proud to have horns. The dinky horns some Horned Herfs have and limis have... they are the sad ones. :lol:
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    Bull of the Woods II

    I do understand that most Longhorn breeders do raise for "long"horns. I've seen some really nice longhorns that probably didnt have the best tip to tip length. I guess its whatever works for and they must be working or else you wouldnt be in them. Good Luck with him.
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    Bull of the Woods II

    No offense, but he is not what I like to see in a bull- or a feeder steer for that matter. He has no muscle and is funneled butt