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    2 weeks before the fair.Help

    :help: I have a black and white heifer with yellow stains on her legs and I've tried Bluing but its not going fast enough is there any other trusty product i can use?? :help:
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    A Few Pics

    It Looks like A Fine Calf she had.
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    Naming A Show Heifer

    Ghost Of an Angle
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    Bummer for my wifes Lamb

    Thats Great that the lamb it gettin better. We I had a bottle lamb that had a Broken Leg but in Had the miss fortune and the leg fell off.
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    Starting Solid food on Kittens

    We have 2 Orphaned kittens and we have been feeding them by bottle but we think they can be started on solid food but we dont know How to or whats the best way to?!?!? :help:
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    Photo Contest???

    How do we start a photo contest
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    Dairy cows Of all Types

    Post any cute, Funny, Dumb, Or normal pictures of your Bovine Friends. Its Not realy a contest just lets show how much our Cows Mean to us
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    I was curious about Bluing and what i wanted to know is how i can safly do this to my Calf with out damaging her skin and what detergents can i use? :???:
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    Naming A Show Heifer

    Struck by a Wish
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    Urine Stains in White Hair

    I have a Holstein Fall calf and i cant figure out how to get the Urine Stains(Yellow stains) out of her Hair, and i was wondering if there are any house hold things i could use that will be safe on her skin. :help: