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    for grannysoo

    Is there a model that posts here? Single?
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    Hereford cow longevity

    Theoretically they do. But, it depends on the other side of the specific equation also. If you bred a chimp with a human, and it worked, he or she might could climb trees or might could swim or do both speaking Chinese if taught.
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    who wears the pants in your family?

    You are very wise!
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    who wears the pants in your family?

    You must have a partner. I feel sorry for all you that cannot make decisions when you want.
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    Ancient Chinese Proverb Says

    I like your triangle avatar with a beam of light being truncated.
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    Bammy and TB.... Would you walk in front of her or behind her?
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    Is that a photo of anyone on this board? :idea: :idea: :idea:
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    How big is big enough?

    The less the better. If we are losing $50 per head, then having 1,000 cows will lose more money than having one cow. In this environment where exports are flooding the market and having irratic climate patterns, we could be better off flipping burgers @ minimum wage.
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    Scented tiolet paper that is real soft 'el do it. :mrgreen:
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    I could be seems to me there should be 1,000 members accessing this site at any one time here, including the internet bots. Most I see is less than 50. The high is a little higher than 50. I am not sure what the issues are, but it appears to me there are higher priorities than...
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    My guess is he ran out of patience with the irratic thread locking.
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    Opinions on 6yr polled hereford bull

    Can you explain the heat seeking missile technique in photo #2?
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    Don't Blame Cows For Climate Change

    Thousands of cattle dying because of extra cold weather in Scotland. You can get rid of the global warming thought. ...
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    Ladies doing the weather

    Dang HOSS! If you hang out with me you would be wanting to go back to Tennesee mighty quick.
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    My favorite food is cookies and milk just like other kids. But, I eat three packages of Oreos and a gallon a milk before dinner while playing video games after kindergarten class is out.