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  1. grubbie

    We can quit chasing epds now

    Sorry, I didn't see this. I don't get to the board very often. I have been well! Just started AI'ing this morning, so pretty busy. We have had more rain than I have EVER seen here. Still can't get out and cut hay, mud everywhere, dikes washing out......but still it is hard to complain about...
  2. grubbie

    We can quit chasing epds now

    "You don't have to be lonely.....at Bovines Only dot com!!!!"
  3. grubbie

    Dead calf

    "I walked over and flipped it’s head up from under its shoulders. It was like it was in a somersault position." Possibly suffocated in the way that it landed,.....didn't have the energy to right itself. Been there. Retained placenta can mean nutrition deficiencies. Put out protein tubs or blocks...
  4. grubbie

    AI'ing some heifers

    Reviving this 3 year old thread to add some notes that might help others who are having trouble AI'ing heifers as I was. I am still not very fast, but better than I was and more confident. It still takes me a couple minutes each, but I am confident I am getting it right. So, on to a few things I...
  5. grubbie

    A few Photos

    Always enjoy your photos Randi. Great looking animals, your pasture and weather look like we could be next door neighbors. Even our replacements look fat, just on grass.
  6. grubbie

    Grass Fed Flavor

    Yep, that's how we do it, get them on the gain in spring. It is a different taste, but very good. Another thing to keep in mind is that you have to have enough grass for them to get FAT. If not, they will be tough and nasty tasting.
  7. grubbie

    Downer calf question

    My initial reaction was coccidia + stress from branding. Certainly, if scouring, there was some dehydration, but eyes were bright and not sunk in, and no tenting. Range cattle, and we don't camp out with them as we work other jobs as well. But, didn't notice any problem calves while gathering or...
  8. grubbie

    Downer calf question

    Branded today. A calf came through the chute (using calf table). Calf looked a little lousy, a few small patches of rubbed off fur. It was also scouring. Lots of scours, this area has been exceptionally wet and rainy. 6 week old bull calf. Branded, banded, bolus, was going to ivomec but didn't...
  9. grubbie

    Working dogs

    A stock dog needs to work, that's what they do. 25 pairs a few times a year, you would do better to train your cows. Shake a bag of cake in front of our cows and they will follow you anywhere, but they weren't always that way. Train your cows to dome to a bag of feed, a bucket of feed, whatever...
  10. grubbie

    Working the Heifers

    As always, I enjoyed your pictures. You guys have my kind of cattle. Great looking animals!
  11. grubbie

    Oil Pipe Fencing

    I used 2 3/8 oil pipe (not drill stem, it's heavier) to build my corral. With the leftovers I made H braces and corner braces for field fence. I concrete those in place. With good corners and braces in the right places (water gaps, etc.) you don't have to mess with barbed wire as often as you...
  12. grubbie

    A Cool Photo, and Some of our Replacements

    Always love your pictures Randi, looking for some replacements here as well. Bred heifers going $3000-$3200 here,....yikes!
  13. grubbie

    How is everyone doing in the cold?

    -24 in mid-November........not happy.....AT ALL.
  14. grubbie

    Fence Specifications

    I use 4 strands, 11" from the ground and 11" apart. Seems to work well with cows, calves, yearlings. Posts 13 foot or so apart. I try to steer clear of any stays, and any more strands of wire is just another one to fix. Around here antelope are hard on fences and you have to do a lot of repairs...
  15. grubbie

    Interesting rodeo

    I have gotten to where I analyze purchases on one qualification only; Is it worth it to me in the long run? For instance, I sold my backhoe cause I only used it once every couple years. But, I still had to maintain it, keep it greased, run it a bit to keep seals from drying out, takes up barn...