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    I think we will pass on the implants . Thanks everyone.
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    I'm showing my ignorance here but I am asking if you use Ralgro on heifers? The insert gives information on heifers but is it just the heifers you plan to sell or all of them. I says the dose is good for 70 days on heifers. Thanks for enlightening me .
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    Good news for once

    Just ran preg check on 52 head and only had two heifers open. Last year was a mess with heifers due to abnormally cold temps and young bulls so we were ready for this.
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    Quickbooks & Bookkeeping

    I'm a little late in answering but have been using Quickbooks since 1995. It does take some time to learn but there is an extensive manual with the software and lots of help online. It is a wonderful program, especially at tax time. Just print out a report for your accountant or for yourself...
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    Matter of perspective

    My uncle was one of those larger than life bull shyters who knew everybody and enjoyed being in the center of the action. When he had a stroke, he lost his speech and the use of one arm but because his "I know a damned sight better" nature he refused to do therapy and lived another miserable...
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    Large animal Vet

    We have four within 15 miles of us, one gossips about everyone when he's here, one is just mean and the one we have been using remodeled everything he owns and upped his farm call fee to $100 from $40 and added $40 for mileage. The fourth one charges $40 to come out. We are changing vets.
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    Fort Worth rodeo

    All professed Christians are joined together in the body of Christ and are charged with living as an example to others. The Bible says that God is jealous of his good name and some of the examples in this thread are shameful to Him and sorry witness to your faith.
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    Cataract Surgery

    I was nearsighted too and if I had it to do over, I would stay the same and keep my close up vision. I can't thread a needle, read small print, and several other annoying things. It's too bad you don't know exactly what you are getting into when making those kind of decisions.
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    Keep one drop one

    Sweep gate
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    Frozen Pond Dangers...

    Wow, now that's a fortress.
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    Frozen Pond Dangers...

    You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and spite of every precaution, cattle will find a way to kill themselves. All our ponds are fenced with gravity fed waterers but Friday a calf got himself through the fence and out in the middle of a big pond. The ice was thick...
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    Thieves and troublemakers

    Oh those nephews! Especially city nephews. One of ours put dirt in the gas tank of the lawn mower then broke the key off in the ignition. Finally, as a closing act up he unrolled 30yards of new Trylene line. He went home and told his mother uncle Jack doesn't like me and that was putting it...
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    Thieves and troublemakers

    The sheriff told us there had been a rash of gates just being opened for the trouble it caused. I can't how that would be entertaining since they wouldn't be around to see the result but I guess it's not required that we understand the mindset of a jerk.
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    Thieves and troublemakers

    We had an jolt this morning with a phone call saying our catle were out. After scrambling for clothes and shoes, we ran out to look for them. Then we found that a gate had been opened and if it hadn't been for a neighbor getting up at one in the morning, we probably would have lost them all...
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    Fall calving vs. Spring calving

    We used to do both spring and fall calving but as we got older, we decided to go to fall calving because of the weather advantage. In addition, the heat and humidity of our summers was hard on breeding. There are definite advantages for each and it's true, fall calving means a smaller calf in...