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    Brahma or Hereford bull which would work better

    what cross is a super baldy
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    Tell me what I’ve missed......

    best of luck to you Greybeard
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    Woman killed... killer set free

    we are under as socialist administration
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    American Reds ?

    we ran gert bull on commerical herd for years..angus, charolis cows...and did very calving issues..quick growing calves.......if sale barns didnt pick on ear cattleid have a gert now
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    case 5130 problem

    i have brakes...thats what it looked like to me......what should i do about this ?
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    case 5130 problem

    p.s. does anyone know what the reservior under hood above steering colum has 2 lines going to it ....apears to be dosent have anything in it......thanks
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    case 5130 problem

    thanks everyone for the help.........
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    case 5130 problem

    both.....but pto shaft was the hottest
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    Greg Judy and Profit per Acre

    he also buys all his hay.....not doable here..couldnt afford it even if could find decent hay.
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    case 5130 problem

    double action for could i tell ?
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    ? About panels

    call chris waddle delivery.270 566-8808
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    case 5130 problem

    been trying to find someone to check pump.......shops are full...couple mechanics ive called wont show up.....must not need the money..
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    case 5130 problem

    had cleaned cooler and radiator..not running hot...only has 1 pto shaft 540......oil level said full