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    For women only

    My dad (housework-challenged ex-husband of my mom) tried to wash my faforit shirt once.... after that there was no more faforite shirt of mine :( :(
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    Donkeys n' Cows

    We had our donkey running together with our sheep. one day the neighbours dog, a fully grown 70 phound boxer, which was pretty agressiv tried to get one of the sheep. This dog shure never came close to oure property again. My girl bit him in the neck ind simply flipt him over a 5 feet fence...
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    You might be a farm wife if...

    And some "interesting death animals" your kids brought home from playing outside.... We brought them in and my mom (the real farm wife that she is) kept them in the freezer for us to show granma..... Granma is no farm-wife :D :D :D 8)
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    what peeves me

    Or kick... had both yesterday.... told him he would be dogfood the next time :x
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    The Shiny-Walled Box Thingie

    :D :D :D
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    Equine New Year's Resolutions

    I love them! Another one: I will NOT akt like a freaking maniak every time a strange person shows up and my owner said:"O, he is the calmest horse in the world....."
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    Horse recomendation

    My host family in Ok had two mustangs with them. Non of them was realy beautifull, but they where sturdy, healthy and nice balanced horses. I would say that both of them would be able to carry a "big guy", as long as the big guy can handle them ;-) . I donßt have much experiance with mustangs...
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    They don´t get it

    ARRRGGGG!!! :mad: Thanks mule! I´d love to have a mule or donkey again. Owned a donkey mare for 14 years, had to put her down 2 years ago. Miss her (especialy the brawling) like be nice. They are as good friend as a dog.
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    They don´t get it

    next try
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    Caslick removal

    Hey people! I love to learn vokabulary that ypu cant find in dictionaries!!! Thanks allan!
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    May you pay my flight? ;-) No, I´m not comming over. No time, no money, but I wish you all the fun you can get!!
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    Why Do Women Cry

    Great, thanks for this one...
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    Hey ya´ll! This sounds like a lot of fun! Cant wait to here all the storys afterwards. Please don´t laugh about me, remember, I live far, far away: Which date is memorial weekend?
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    They don´t get it

    Finaly I was able to get them..... :D Okay, I have to size them down.... I´m working on it!