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    Working dogs

    I have border collies and find them a vital part of my operation. Lynn Daniels of Atoka Oklahoma has great animals. Two things about cattle and dogs. The cows learn from the dogs and then they make the dog better. You will not "train" a border collie they are bred to do what they do and they...
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    Today's workshop

    I FEEL that the prices will drop. We are at this level because of a perfect storm that changed a lot of agriculture in our area. Missouri had a drought that caused a significant drop in cow calf pairs, Texas drought was devastating for many of those folks. Now California is struggling. At...
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    Make a living off Cows

    stay in teaching until you qualify for retirement then retire to the farm and enjoy. The addition income will make life easy. I teach chemistry and coach baseball. My goal is to retire to that life style but when I am eligible to retire we will have two kids in college so I will likely have to...
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    fall calves

    We have had a small spring and small fall herd (30ish) for a few years now. We are moving back to spring. There are tremendous advantages to both. Reasons for switching back are that we are trying to be a cooperative herd for purebred herds and there seems to be more demand for that in the...
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    Just curious -- How many veterinarians . . .

    I have to give kudos to our vets. My daughter had a heifer calf that got with the bull too soon and ended up being a mess. I was in constant consultation with the jr partner and even brought the heifer in with another bunch for a free examination. I was very greatful. The sr partner and his...
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    What is a fair deal for custom baling?

    Okay the 8000 was just a number....but even if you double it to 16000 you are still looking at $20/bale with out fuel, operator, net wrap, mowing, or raking
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    What is a fair deal for custom baling?

    I custom bale and charge $25 to mow rake and bale. I am going broke doing it. A good friend and I were just talking about custom farming. A new baler is about 40k wore out at 8000 bales some salvage 10k so those 8000 bales are close to $40/bale without gas, tractor, or operator. So fair is...
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    Opinions on some heifers

    1,2,4 are nice! I would keep number 3 but wouldn't get especially attached to her and if she didn't do an excellent job as a momma away she goes. I don't like the 5th one.
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    Price of a bred heifer?

    I didn't know there was another business plan! Been doing this for years. Seems as if we are happy and so is my banker! At least they keep building nice new offices.
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    Freeze Branding

    We use dry ice and alcohol followed Evan's procedure to the T. Make sure you slowly rock the brand in a circular motion so that all edges show
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    AGR Columbia MO

    really good. Flushed an EXT x 095 got 18 gr1 embryos in December! too much snow :(
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    AGR Columbia MO

    called the ag rho house in columbia and they said they would post the results on their website. Trent won the Charolais division with a Freedom heifer from 5J's Charolais!
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    Pinkeye plan for 2011

    We were having a terrible time with pinkeye. We got an autogenous vaccine to help out. This has seemed to help. If you vaccinate for pinkeye IMO you MUST give the booster. Another thing we have done is give a pinkeye shot 4-8 weeks to the cow prior to calving. We hope this is caring some...
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    Favorite Beef Cuts

    Give me a 1" thick well marbled rare ribeye
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    frozen calf

    I don't know how others handle this situation but it seems to work for me. We had a heifer that I check at 10pm calve the following morning. Temp was in the low teens and when I found her at 6:30 the calf was pretty well gone. Barely moving her legs and the gum line was pretty blue. When I...