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    'Out in the country' internet

    Verizon, unlimited data and MiFi. It costs way too much but was the only provider with decent reception out here in the country. We are so far out Domino's does not deliver here. NW GA.
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    CT Help Line

    :tiphat: Nesi is pretty helpful also. The beautiful pictures are a bonus.
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    CT Help Line

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    Well I hope all you other hobby

    Ok, so this is how it is?
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    How do you catch them all?

    Every time I call them from the oldest cow to the youngest baby calf they come. Let them in at feed trough side and exit through the chutes. Every time the same. Key is the feed trough being in the corral and exiting through the chutes. Man, I hate new herd bulls! He almost jumped the fence to...
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    Show your calf pictures.

    Born yesterday. Red 85 is a bit protective so I did not want to get too close.
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    Asking for prayers for our family

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    Show your bull(s) - Put a pic up

    No we did not raise him. We bought both from a bull breeder in Alabama. Ray sales 65 plus bulls a year. He is brangus plus. These are the first bulls we have ever had a BSE and vet check before purchasing. The part about wanting to make sure we were keeping him is because he did not want to...
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    Tractor Fatalities

    If you have ever met on of those people who always asks "why/how" that is me. Brother called back with the information I requested. The guy that works with him that died over the weekend was NOT killed on a tractor. He and wife were on a kubota UTV. Came to a gate on a hill. He got out to open...
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    Tractor Fatalities

    Dun I have to say that tractor pulling a log with a chain is something the husband and I do OFTEN. Usually with him on the tractor and me attaching/unattaching chain and following on the utv. Until your post, I would have said it was one of the easiest and safest things to use a tractor for...
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    A Pretty Surprise

    Congrats! Beautiful cow and calf!
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    Tractor Fatalities

    My brother called and said one of the guys at work was killed over the weekend in tractor accident. He stated this was the second fatality in a few months. The last one he said the guy put it in neutral and then got under the tractor to fix something (tractor engine still on) and it slipped out...
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    My favorite color

    :clap: Thank you Jeanne! You and a few others are always willing to share your wealth of knowledge. That is why I keep coming back to this forum despite the drama. THANKS!
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    Show your bull(s) - Put a pic up

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    Show your bull(s) - Put a pic up

    Ambush- second new bull. Waited to post his pic cause I wanted to make sure we were keeping him.