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    Black, Red, White, Mixed

    Running Arrow, you know what Eddie Woods said "A trophy steer in the front pasture will draw more attention than a dead man". And you know, I believe it is true.
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    Brahman Cattle

    I have some grey brahman cows and some red brahman heifers and one adult red bull. Some of my red heifers are kind of dome headed and very long eared, but they are also very stout and beefy. I have one pure foundation gyr heifer that I am breeding to my bull (sophistaced millionaire breeding)...
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    Just Read A VERY Interesting Cattle Book!

    I also have that book, my favorite was when he poked a hole in their nose and tied thier nose to their leg to herd them to town. It is a great book. If you like old west, another great book is Trails Plowed Under, it has some great stories.