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    Planning my week

    Darn you live way out in Oregon, I was hoping you could get us a new TV, I'll get one in Minneapolis
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    We had some Amish kids over yesterday to help cut strings for bale grazing. We make it a party with grandkids etc. Anyway the Amish family quit dairy farming but kept one jersey cow, The kids said the cow would nurse other cows which I have heard of. Now they said unless she is in a stantion she...
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    swath grazing left overs.

    If any one swath grazes here what do you do with the leftovers in spring. espicially large swaths.
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    Swath grazing left overs

    If any one swath grazes here what do you do with the leftovers in spring. espicially large swaths.
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    Electric Cars

    Question: Here in Minnesota it can get down to -40F. How do they work at that temp? As a rule of thumb chemically speaking reactions slow down 50% for each 18 degrees fahrinheit, if I remember correctly. I am curious is there a chart relating temperature to range etc.?
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    vermeer baler question

    I checked with a dealer and these parts no longer available. So I think I will take some advise and have simple alarm when the indicator reaches a certain point. Thanks for the help.
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    vermeer baler question

    It ties with a simple switch in the cab that sends the arms across if flipped one way and the other way returns the arms.
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    vermeer baler question

    No monitors at all. I purchased it as it was a demo model.
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    vermeer baler question

    I think I remember someone here being good with Vermeer balers. I have a 554XL baler and I wish to add a full bale alarm. Are they hard to install? Best place to get an alarm? Dealer? thanks
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    Roller chain

    I want to replace roller chains on our Round baler and Haybuster drill. I got burned on some chain, didn't last but cheap. Where is a good source? thanks
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    Covid observations

    I do not usually do much talking on my own feelings but stick to facts. This morning I heard a speaker say we are closing in on 200,000 covid deaths. but what does that mean? It would mean one Covid death for each 1650 Americans. Now also remember that some states do not require a Covid test...
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    Cow numbers

    I know we have producers from across the nation here. Curious if we are seeing a reduction in cow numbers due to drought. In my area of Minnesota we had very dry conditions early but that has changed. Also wondering if producers relocate cows for awhile or not. thanks farmguy
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    New bull

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    Horse Meat for the Hungry ?

    Two things. First one of my sons and a friend buthered a young gelding who had an attitude. They gave us some of the meat. It was very red but tasted fine. My wife refused to eat any but the son's family and friend,s family had no problems, cheap meat as the gelding was free. Also had a relative...