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    2021 breeding

    Sorry, I don’t know anything about those bulls but if you want uniformity just use 1, or maybe 2 related bulls.
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    Low/no maintenance cattle

    They calve on their own and appeared healthy? That’s great but your friend saw the survivors. If you went and shot any cattle in your herd that had a problem of any kind you would have a very healthy herd of cattle, that is in effect what nature does.
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    I'd say you would have a whole lot of trouble trying to dry off a bunch of fresh calved holsteins, not only that, you would have a sorry lot of calves out of them. It would cost less to keep a moderatly sized beef cow dry for a year than a big old holstein. Complete non starter mate.
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    Limousin sets new world record sale price

    Agree about scrotal size, does look on the small size. I sure hope he is fertile for $180,000 though. :D A lot have comented on well muscled bulls on this board that they are double muscled. I have never seen a double muscled Lim and to me this bull has extreme muscle depth and exellent...
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    my appoligies

    Hi Caustic, good post but slightly inaccurate on the subject of war loans. Repayment of war loans by Great Britain to the United States of America should be completed by 31st December 2006. Regards, Farmer rich
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    Guess Which Breed II (pics)

    South Devon?
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    Vertical Integration of the Beef Industry

    Vertical integration/consolidation good or bad? I think that depends on where in the food chain the power is concentrated. By food chain I mean the great food chain of the beef industry where the majority of producers are the small fry and the multiple retailers are the sharks, the processers...
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    Right to reply for British Beef

    I seem to recall reading ollie? in a post regarding vertical integration or some such thing (I think we would call it consolidation over here) commenting on England not being a major player (in the beef industry) anymore. I would beg to differ old chap, I think that the UK industry is at the...
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    Limousin sets new world record sale price

    Hi Mike, thanks for the hello, I havn't had much free time recently what with farmin' an all, still log on occasionally to see whats happening but rarely post. As for differences in phenotype viz. US and UK cattle, I don't think its down to feed, I think we are just breeding for different...
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    Limousin sets new world record sale price

    Hi all, been away for a while but thought I would call back to share some news with my American friends, as well as doing some more shameless breed promotion. Last Saturday a Limmy bull smashed the British record price set one year ago by the 55,000 guineas Grahams Sampson. The new British and...
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    crazy limos

    Whenever someone mentions Limousin on this board someone always brings up the temperment issue. Seems to me that some people lack confidence, or should that be competence, in their cattle handling skills. ;-)
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    For fun

    Looks like a Limousin, sure aint an Angus, possibly Gelbvieh.
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    Good Cross?

    Without seeing them, the charolaisx will probably hang a heavier carcase, as to which will generate the most profit, there is no way anyone could speculate on the information supplied. They both sound like great terminal crosses, exactly the sort I like to buy. If I had a herd of commercial Sim...
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    Where one should be?

    ccc, while 1000lb weaning weights are way above what the majority of commercial producers attain, they are by no means impossible. Last weekend I saw a June born blonde de aquitaine steer calf weigh in at 450kg (992lbs), of course it had been on creep feed almost from day one. An extremely...
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    Limousin sweep the board at National Primestock Show

    Great result for the limousin breed at the National Primestock Show last weekend. Lim sired cattle took supreme champion and reserve champion as well as the baby beef championship. Pictures at this link.