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    End post/brace strength for wire options

    Line posts support the weight of the wire. Tension is like for like if wire is like for like. 13 strands of 12.5 gauge HT slick wire will have the same applied force as 1348-12 12.5 gauge HT net wire. HT barbed wire complicates the equation, since 14 gauge HT barbed is a reverse twist with...
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    I lost my Jed today

    Hate to hear that Ken. They really are like family.
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    Used oil pipe

    There is a shop just south of us near Odon, IN that makes them. 812-444-9708 Norman. He also stocks well pipe. We only stock new pipe, so can't help you there.
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    Adding a Floating brace to H brace

    It’s probably 1.5” deep. The end of the tenon needs to lay flat against the back of the mortise.
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    Adding a Floating brace to H brace

    Welcome! 48" is too high. Your figure of 33" is much better. Make your mortice and tenon fit tight, and don't skimp on the strut.(diagonal)
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    Best Poly Wire with reel

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    Dewalt Fence Stapler

    Yessir, and that will likely continue to be the case until you own the rights to said proprietary consumable. Think of the cows you could buy had you invented 10 cent staples on a stick! :nod:
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    Dewalt Fence Stapler

    The collation of the staples is the highly proprietary part of the equation. I know that Stockade has spent a pile to protect their interests in that regard.
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    Dewalt Fence Stapler

    Acme customer service says that they have them in stock. Dewalt says they don't. Acme and Dewalt both say that the staples are not available for purchase anywhere. I tried. lol
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    Dewalt Fence Stapler

    Stockade pneumatic and cordless work on locust and hedge. I have a couple of friends that are in on the dewalt stapler testing, and they report that it’s a good tool. It’s been in testing for three years now, with no price or release date in sight. Edit to add: It looks like $600 for the gun...
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    How Old Is Your Father (or would be)?

    Dad is 67, and in good health. He and Mom "retired" and moved close to where my wife and I live. Dad helped me on the fence crew until a minor heart attack, and we decided it was best to find something less labor intensive even though he really enjoyed it. He now manages a few rental...
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    Backyard Photographer

    Those are very nice photos Ron. How long are they in the Pacific? With regard to raising children, there has been no greater joy in my life. My daughter is pleasant to be around, handles herself very well in public, is turning out to be a quite a businesswoman, and is equally comfortable in a...
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    Continuous fence question

    That's how we make them flow with the ground. :welcome:
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    Working From Home or Computer

    We are not to this point yet, and it would take some market specific knowledge, but the biggest mail order fence supply outfit in the US has several folks taking orders from their spare bedroom in their pajamas. Seems that there should be plenty of options out there...If they are creative...
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    Fence opinions

    We can build net wire cheaper than 7 strand barb in most circumstances.