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    Rezilon by Bayer Crop Sciences

    Follow - up - I'm very pleased with the Rezilon. I think I got 98% control on the sandburs and most spring weeds that had not germinated prior to spraying. I found 1 small sliver of a patch in the previously heavily infested areas and I think this was just a small strip that missed the spray...
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    Urban Oregonians hope to destroy Livestock industry

    The FB girl said a similar bill was tried in Texas? No, that's not true. If it was, I'm sure no committee took it up.
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    Is Bill going to have an Auction?

    Most women do. Many just don't know it yet.
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    Duracor and Your Health

    Roundup (glyphosate) does not cause cancer. Over 1000 scientific and verified studies have proven that. One study, which is not repeatable because the "researchers" will not disclose their methodology or sponsors or relationships to sponsors, said it *may* cause cancer. Duracor labels are...
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    Is Bill going to have an Auction?

    Who knows how they will divide their assets. I heard on the radio this morning (AFR) that they plan to continue to work together on the charities, which leads me to believe it was a political and financial decision, nothing to do with the institution of marriage.
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    Tree ID

    I think Libertygarden is right. The honey locust in Texas have huge thorns (3-6") laid out in a bird's foot pattern. We call them the crown of thorns, similar to what was thought to be the crown placed on the head of Jesus. Honey Locust...
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    $300,000 Stimulus Checks

    I've been hearing the same ad for several weeks.
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    San Jacinto Day

    Over on there's a guy who wrote up a day by day history of the Texas War for Independence starting in late February. It's reposted every year and it is very interesting.
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    Shooting solution?

    There are some amazingly ignorant comments on this thread. That cop pulled her gun instead of the taser for one reason - lack of sufficient training. That's what it comes down to. In Texas DPS troopers have to have 80 hours of training a year, 40 of which is firearm handling.
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    What bull would you use on brangus cows

    Ask your market buyers what they want. If you are selling to the local sale barn, call them and ask them what cross they recommend. If you are selling replacements, look at what people are buying. If you are selling to the 4H / FFA kids, ask the extension agent what they need. Some areas, at...
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    War on beef in the west

    Which is total craziness! Calves over 32 months at the time of slaughter cannot be exported and over 36 months cannot be sold higher than select - most are processed to pet food and soups. Chickens don't live more than 2 - 3 years (I just heard that last week). Who is that nutcase in charge...
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    I like Buc-ee's because it is clean, started in Texas, Aggie owned, it's clean and the employees are nice and friendly. They pay very well, too, so they can hire the very best employees who see the value in keeping the store and restrooms clean. They offer scholarships to employees for...
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    Calling all fence builders............WWYD

    I think I would have questioned the need for a gap in the first place and denied the request outright. In Texas a fence is a defacto Keep Out / No Trespassing sign. Something I learned from Tiffany Lashmet's Ag Law Blog and Landowner seminars.
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    Your setup for spot spraying and fence lines, etc.

    For pasture spraying I have a 300 gallon 3 pt, but some day, when I get a Round Too-It, I'm going to put it on a trailer. 300 gallons is a lot of weight and can easily flip on slopes if I have it raised to spray 18+". For spot spraying the complete fence line, I have a gun on the 300 gallon...
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    Video of kids in border facility

    How many of these young people really are kids? I saw in one of the European countries, 93% of the "immigrants" claiming to be 16 or less were actually 18 and older. I think they should ship these people and kids to D. C. and let that city handle it. The insanity of all of this is infuriating.