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    2023 Cow Crystal Ball

    That's true, the price of protein is high no matter what you buy. in the past it was one sector or the other so consumers could go form beef to chicken or pork. not true today.
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    Head Gate size

    what style did you get instead?
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    Head Gate size

    I purchase da used head gate. seems a little small. its clearance is 54 inches high and 27 inches wide opened. is this size for calves or will cows make it through the opening in your opinion?
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    Coyotes killed a newborn calf *graphic pic*

    last spring my neighbor had a new born calf killed by coyotes confirmed by the states DNR officer. not limited to "smaller animals" as a predator.
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    Coyotes killed a newborn calf *graphic pic*

    they are predators not scavengers. that is why.
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    Fly tag Experience

    I use t pour on but it never seemed to cover the sides of the cattle. so I had this spray dispenser which takes about a quart of pro-zap pour on and can be charged with up to 200 PSI compressor air. it can reach out fifteen feet and I can hit the sides of the cattle. I do this when I feed them...
  8. spray dispenser for cattle flies.jpg

    spray dispenser for cattle flies.jpg

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    In-breeding prevention.

    Thanks for the very well put information. This answered my concern perfectly.
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    In-breeding prevention.

    I have been researching about herd breeding with the same bull and not getting what the limit is. I have a bull that I bred with first calf heifers, they had a heifer calf and was bred. both with the same bull. She had a heifer. is it still smart to bred this last heifer to the same bull? she...
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    Sad and depressing.

    My Dad had CLL for years, was on a clinical trial with Rituxan which extended his life by years. He died of complications due to CLL. My mother had vascular Dementia and died of complications from Dementia. Not much good to say about either condition.
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    Electric fence first time. Questions ?

    I have this unit and it works great. Zareba 50 mi AC Electric Fence Charger.
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    Purina Fly Control

    I was thinking of a liquid garlic oil like Durkee on Amazon 32 oz for $22. need a mix to use as a pour on or spray. mix with 8$ Canola per gallon sounds like a good idea. any idea of how many oz.s of liquid garlic oil per gallon of Canola to try?
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    Purina Fly Control

    the new thing is Garlic! finding it in bulk is a challenge. I want to try it as a add in to loose mineral because I have seen posts that the blocks with garlic don't seem to have the same affect. anyone here using garlic?
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    Best tasting beef

    Salsa, yes......