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    well citrus pellets are back if yer in central fl

    ive got em..not great stand alone as only 6% but finally avail again....
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    Creep feed ration. Opinion ?

    dang wish I could get that..citrus pellets here in fl cost me more than that
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    Help with cow

    worm her good..all that water...bad thing
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    Farm insurance?

    I have home a ranch umbrella for a million and nobody could do better. on my commercial truck...fl60 freightliner registered a an killed em all but many time over. had ffb ever since ive had he ranch...23 yrs now
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    my buddy has one..good unit..quiet...I bought the champion 9500 cuz the predator was impossible to find..never n stock..its also a solid unit...200$ more tho..899 delivered from amazon
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    Bulk feed bin spoilage

    mine got condensation inside is all I could figure out..big temp sings here in fl...citrus pellets don't do it but corn got moldy in 3 weeks it was garbage...
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    Southeast feed mix

    where ya at
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    Solar Farms

    nope..i wish...old old cattle ranch pine tree farm from the 30' in fl that's a big sold it off
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    Solar Farms

    just started 660 acres across the street from us..just moved in the machinery to start ruining the land
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    hired sprayer...100$ ac for grazon?

    i wanted a boomless but this was on sale....saved me 210$ i figure to go once in each direction
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    hired sprayer...100$ ac for grazon?

    ill post up...idk whe ill be on it..hopefully are a pita here tho so...but it did come with a speed amount spray
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    hired sprayer...100$ ac for grazon?

    i got a cheapo from tsc..workhorse...40 gallon 10 ft wide. I have 3 smaller pastures so kinda needed something skinnier...theyre in to 6 ac pieces..3 of them then a 8 ac then a 30 ac full of trees and crap so I got a narrower one...gonna play with it this weekend..quick look at some charts looks...
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    hired sprayer...100$ ac for grazon?

    I bought a small rig for what I need...40 gallon..grazon or weedmaster is the rec how do I arrive at the corrct application rate..i can get ground speed but the gear chart on the tractor but how about the sprayer settings?
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    hired sprayer...100$ ac for grazon?