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    Feeling the horns of the uterus Here's a great pdf that I carry with me anytime I'm AI'ing.
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    One Heifer done

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    Skunk tale calves

    I guess it is the Black Angus that is creating the skunk tales! If you'll read my post, I am refering to the Simmi/Limmi cross cows with Angus bull. Those cows have had a lot of skunk tails.
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    Just Starting Out: How does AI work? Best thing you can do is buy this book! IMO... I taught myself how to AI and this came in real handy.
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    Skunk tale calves

    Some of the Charolais genetics will give you an occational skunk tail. The Simmi will also do it. My wife's uncle has Simmi/Limmi Cows and breeds them to a Black Angus bull. He gets a lot of skunk tails. I have the same type of cows that we use for recips in our embryo program. If the...
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    Scur Heritability

    I'm not trying to be mean or disrespectful by saying this. I think his scurs are the least of your worries. He lacks a lot if you are using him in a purebred herd.
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    Charolais or Angus

    I'd like to see those reports! We just weaned our bull calves off of momma and grass only. Avg BW of purebred calves was 82# and the avg WW on this set was 765#. All at 6.5 months old. And this is in TX in the middle of a drought.
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    I put the Dry Cow in every other day. No patch. LA200 every 4 days
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    Try using the "Dry Cow" paste and LA200 combined. The Dry Cow has penicillen in it and it's thicker than penicillen and coats very well....
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    Embryo transfer?

    That's about as close to being dead on as you can get! Embryos might be a little higher. Depending on breed of cattle you are purchasing!
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    eye problem

    If he has an infection, you might want to give him some penicillin. I also use the Dry Cow, in the tube, as eye treatment.
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    Breeding Charolais Cattle

    Because they raise big calves.... If they didn't I wouldn't be getting 700 pound bull calves at 6 months old... That's why :tiphat:
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    new heifer

    New heifer I picked up last weekend. Photo was taken with a phone right before a rain storm. She is 8 months old Breeding: Infantry x Reality x Smokin Joe
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    Calming Show Cattle

    IMO- the peace pellets are a waste of money... I tried them on a bull that I was wanting to halter for a sale. I did have some sucess with the Calf Calm. When I got home, I realized I double the dose. lol I would go with the melatonin like VCC says in the link on a previous post.... I...
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    ln tank alarm

    why not just use a regular scale to hang the tank from. When you walk by, look at the weight. Record the weights weekly and the amount of nitrogen and then you'll know.