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    Aren't you glad you live where you do.....

    Here's a glimpse of some problems in California.
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    Daily Chuckle

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    And if that senator was a republican it would have been all over the MSM.
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    Don't you like being kept in the dark...

    Main stream media telling the news to suit them, and folks think it's the truth.
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    Don't you like being kept in the dark...
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    Daily Chuckle

    How do they get the critter on there in the first place, then get it tied down, then it stays still enough they can balance the bike?
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    Pay no attention to this post

    Think about were "common sense" comes from. We aren't born with it! It is developed from our experiences, and how we evaluate them. Pain help develop common sense!!!
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    Daily Chuckle

    I got a new stick deodorant today. The instructions said: "Remove cap and push up bottom." I can barely walk, but whenever I fart the room smells lovely.
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    Today explained

    Police let them it.
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    Daily Chuckle

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    Interest rates?

    You seem to think that was all Tump supporters. There were opposing plants in there to rise a stir to get the results they wanted....and they did a good job!
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    How about fill the calendar with holidays of whatever, and give employees a choice of 10 to choose from as paid holidays per year? Then the individual gets paid and gets to choose what is important to him!
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    Biden - Putin Summit

    We're use to being fed what others want us to hear. Amazing admission from the former CIA head… This agency has caused more problems around the world than any other, except the KGB.
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    Rental houses

    Shell, you can go to "Zillow" (or a couple of other real estate info pages) and enter the address of the property. It will give you a lot of information. If the property has not been sold for a few years the numbers are usually off quite a ways. It also states what the property should rent...
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    Putin knows the game

    The story is everywhere except MSM.