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    Tea party opinions

    I request political asylum by the government of the Great Nation of Texas. Can I bring some good woods dogs and horses with me? I'm told East Texas is similar to my terrain.
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    Hunting dogs and cattle

    Interesting. Haven't convinced anyone to give me $60/hr to gather yet. They pretty much pay by the day if it's an hour or 12 hours. If you ain't got good Florida curs and don't know how to rope your not first on the list of handy help.
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    Hunting dogs and cattle

    A good cow dog is the best thing since biscuits. But I've lead poisoned a few for partin out calves. My son is a highly regarded hog hunter around here. His dogs tuck tail and head for the trailer if I take them to the herd. They only hunt hogs. Haven't had any dual purpose that were worth...
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    Some beach some where

    Now seeing as how Americans have a choice to live where they want, why would anyone choose to live in that kind of weather?
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    OK saddle gurus - please evaluate

    Most of the time when they don't fit right, the withers are afffected. I usually lay my hand over the withers and squeeze. If he's sore on either side you'll notice a reaction to the squeeze. Many a working ranch horse has had his withers overdone; sometimes noted by a bleach white patch of...
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    OK saddle gurus - please evaluate

    If it ain't fitting him right you'll be able to pinch his withers and he'll buckle under your fingers.
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    ranch photography

    It would appear to be the same bull that the dogs couldn't stop in earlier pictures. Also note that one of the ropes is broken.
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    ranch photography

    I've used the edge of a waterin hole to drag an old snort onto the trailer. What in the hell is youpon and privet? I've been here longer than palmettos and I aint never heard such.
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    Hog Hunt

    He's nice. Seems ironic that a man from Florida goes somewhere else to hunt hogs. Dang things are like mosquitos down here.
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    Losing A Real Friend Sucks.

    Keep your chin up Crowder. It happens to all of us. Every time I hear the song "In Color" I'm reminded of a few old pals. They just don't make em like that anymore.
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    breaking wind

    Years ago some old timers were ticketed for gambling. They insisted they were only playing with chips but the law still gave them a rough time. When one of the men showed up to pay his fine he threw some chips on the counter. The clerk told him he could not pay with those, they weren't...
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    anybody missing a longhorn down galveston way?

    Looks pretty dang normal for a longorn type to me. But the picture still tells a story. My deepest regards to the folks around the Texas Gulf. I know what it feels like. Wish I could afford the diesel to haul my horses and dogs to you, and help yall get your herds back together.
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    Article on the Hurricane cattle

    Are you folks short of dayriders?
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    Dodge 2500 making noise it shouldn't(diamond s?)

    Just got my '05 3500 4x4 back from the shop. Bad left front bearing. Sealed unit so had to replace the "hub assembly". Part was $374. Can't remember how many hours I was charged to replace it. Replace as soon as possible. Mechanic said the heat had made it very difficult to remove the unit. Any...
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    Working Yearlings

    When cows pull out their knife on me, I send the dogs. If that doesn't remedy I introduce lack of oxygen by way of rope tied hard and fast to saddle horn. When all else fails it's crop in the ear for next round of cull shipping.